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My Fear of Love   
by Dana Lauren Tapper    
"I donít know why I keep pretending,
acting as if I donít care. ..."
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Endless Love   
by Shannon Diana Blackburn    
"You're my endless love together we'll always be,
It feels so good to know not only I love you but you love me. ..."
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Help me, help you   
by Carrie Anne Crupe    
"Through the dark of night
And the light of day ..."
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The Moments With You   
by Aurora Ann Bragg    
"The moments I spend with you
Are the moments I will never forget ..."
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what is love?   
by heather cochrane    
"love is when
it tears you apart ..."
Love Displayed
by Andraelle Davis    
"Well, it's finally sank in,
That you don't want to go out again. ..."
Love Displayed
by Kevin Adkisson    
"I am not a poet,
I am an instrument ..."
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Deep Inside   
by william alvarez-builla    
"See, I can understand
how you like those other men, ..."
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Your Way   
by Jonathan L Odom    
"I walk your way,
Just to see your face, ..."
Love Displayed
I Wait...   
by Jessica Marie Franke    
"I wait for you to call,
But I know you won't. ..."
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what should i be?   
by SharonRahena andNancy    
"let me be ur pillow,
u can cuddle on a lonely night ..."
Love Displayed
by Michelle Misty Hamlin    
"Be the one to listen, when someone's feelings are hurt.
Be the one to feel pity for someone who doesn't know how to love. ..."
Love Displayed
by Amber Marie Soto    
"I heard a nasty rumor today
And now she has to pay ..."
Love Displayed
I Love You Deep   
by Kathy Louise Skeens    
"I love you even if you don't love me.
I love you deep, can't you see? ..."
Love Displayed
by Robert Patrizio    
"In each ray of moonlight
Passing by the years ..."
Love Displayed
Every Way   
by Lauren Elizabeth Rocco    
"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
When we first met I could not foresee ..."
Love Displayed
What Would You Do?   
by Sexy Chick 4 Ever    
"What would you do
If I told you I liked you ..."
Love Displayed
Essentially, I Love You   
by Al Ortez    
"Essentially, I love you.
I trace your lips ..."
Love Displayed
my love for you   
by Andrea L Turner    
""I love you"
It's so easy to think ..."
Love Displayed
by Deana Tallen    
"People say to me...
"Why do you like him, ..."
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A Look   
by Jennifer Ann Aughtman    
"A look from across the room and in an
Instant I knew I had to be with you ..."
Love Displayed
by Pamela Audrey Daranjo    
"The Wedding Bells will ring
The choir will start to sing ..."
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How I feel (jay-sun)   
by April Elizabeth Bushman    
"looking in your eyes i get this feeling
that nothing can go wrong ..."
Love Displayed
by LISA P    
"Not a day goes by that I don't miss you;
I just hope one day you'll feel it too. ..."
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