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Cosmic Flare   
by Jose Yrizarry    
"A cosmic flare streaking across my sky you are
With a fire trail as if a treasure map for me to chase ..."
Love Discovered
by Darren Mortimer    
"When you have great expectation
Fueled by your imagination ..."
Love Discovered
A Prayer   
by Albert Yutuc Surat    
"Years ago I prayed really hard for someone
Whom I could live with and love forever ..."
Love Discovered
Beneath the Stars   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"I waited for love beneath the stars
In the field of colors where it was promised to me. ..."
Love Discovered
Gave It To Her   
by Tevon M Neal    
"I gave her my heart...
Just last year... ..."
Love Discovered
TO THE ONLY ONE I LOVE ... Love Thoughts vol. 4   
by Ozioma Juline Oriaku    
"I had wondered so long
How this is happening to me, ..."
Love Discovered
Love for the First Time   
by Donnamichelle    
"I have never known a love anything like this
Not once in my life could I rejoice in love as a granted wish ..."
Love Discovered
by zy-za may mangco tablan    
"He says he misses me...
If he could only see ..."
Love Discovered
Love walked in   
by Roberta Ann Shaw    
"Love walked in...
subtle and strong, ..."
Love Discovered
my miracle   
by anthony malgapo ibay    
"true love, it was for that I've searched,
yet, to know nothing of what i seek, ..."
Love Discovered
The first kiss   
by Kat Marie Adams    
"My breaths rapidly chasing each other
As silk tears fall from heaven. ..."
Love Discovered
by Ruchira Agarwal    
"The great ocean of love
Flowing with white light ..."
Love Discovered
by Thomas Lee Rhymes    
"feast upon the glow
the fiery flesh of youth ..."
Love Discovered
by Chelse Elliot    
"Walking through a cloudland of choices
Constant choices drizzling through ..."
Love Discovered
It's you   
by silvana darla medina    
"As i sit there on my steps thinking
there is no one in this lifetime ..."
Love Discovered
Song of the beloved   
by JMA    
"There is a deep pool of sweetness,
In the center of my chest. ..."
Love Discovered
Christmas in Parker   
by Chelse Elliot    
"Green glass reflecting remembered moments,
Mirroring the song that echoes in my secret heart ..."
Love Discovered
YOU ARE....   
by crystal anne LINN    
"You are the light of my life,
The joy of my heart, ..."
Love Discovered
He Walks Into My Night   
by Edwina Marie Reizer    
"He walks into my night
with a manful stride. ..."
Love Discovered
Dreams Without Night   
by Andre Oscar Ziegelmeier    
"My eyes finally close with the end of the day,
The light of your love surrounds me in every way. ..."
Love Discovered
Love's Touch   
by Nigel Saint Aubyn Daring    
"Oh mercy, I've been touched by something awesome,
a wonderful, indescribable love ..."
Love Discovered
the right on   
by Lise M Clarke    
"Everyone is looking for the right one
it seems like he's everywhere ..."
Love Discovered

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