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The One   
by Jennifer Kara Staples    
"When I was young I thought I knew
What love would be like ..."
Love Described
In Your Eyes   
by Angela Marie Cloud    
"In your eyes I see an angel,
a beautiful creature in a glow of pure sunlight... ..."
Love Described
Tracey... Sweet Angel of Mine...   
by Mark Atchley    
"As I lie awake tonight, my heart pounding in my chest,
I run my fingers through your hair as you finally get some rest. ..."
Love Described
by Thomas Charles Phillips    
"It should come as no suprise to you
That I'm thinking of you tonight ..."
Love Described
collected thoughts of love...   
by Susan Carol Kleinhans    
"love- dressed in winter white tones
love- traveled freely over telephones ..."
Love Described
You Fill Up My Heart   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"My life is empty without your love
This you know you canít deny. ..."
Love Described
Maybe it was Both   
by Michelle Lillian Treadway    
"Your love for me came as a surprise,
Something invited, but not expected. ..."
Love Described
I See Poetry   
by Devontre' Cardane Yerby    
"Whenever I capture your exquisite bodily assets
With each blink of my eye, ..."
Love Described
by Paul Irvin Samonte    
"I have always admired a girl,
But I didn't know who would I adore ..."
Love Described
Bed of Roses   
by starlight    
" The sun of angels falls upon my face, the wind wispers in my ear,
I dream of your touch among the baby's breath and moonshine, ..."
Love Described
by Tricia Cooper    
"I wish I could express to you how I feel,
there are so many times it doesn't seem real. ..."
Love Described
by Rat    
"Time can be our enemy
or it can be our friend. ..."
Love Described
My Heart   
by Jessie Lee Thrasher 13    
"the look of your eyes
and your skin to touch ..."
Love Described
My One and Only   
by Cherie Desiree Ingram    
"I hate leaving you, wherever I go,
because then I can't feel the way you kissed me so slow. ..."
Love Described
You Were Sent From Heaven   
by Rhiannon M. Beale    
"You were sent from heaven
to help me find a way ..."
Love Described
My Love For You   
by John Arthur Provost Jr.    
"My love for you grows stronger yet,
From the morning's sunrise, ..."
Love Described
Love Described
Stars are eternal   
by Dalton Scott Whitmore    
"my love for you
it is like the stars ..."
Love Described
Angel Of Mine (second version)   
by Daniel David Palmatory    
"There came an angel
On a warm sunny day ..."
Love Described
Love Found   
by cyndie chavez    
"We had a few moments, until that day I saw it myself.
I knew just how I felt. ..."
Love Described
Missing Piece   
by Candace R.    
"I want to describe what I feel when you enter my mind
Words, however, can't describe it ..."
Love Described
by Marni    
"When I look at you, memories are all I see
Visions of you and me and how it used to be ..."
Love Described
Steal My Heart   
by Kylee Brumett Brumett    
"Take me in your arms,
Keep me safe from fear and harm, ..."
Love Described
Your Decision   
by Kayla Jackson    
" Why'd you say you like me
When you know it's not true ..."
Love Described

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