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Mr. Special- - Far Away Love   
by Margaret Ann Liggins    
"I enjoy your laughter
The conversation we share ..."
Love Between Friends
It's too hard...   
by LiNdSay Marie Shepard    
"When I look at you
I get chills and tears ..."
Love Between Friends
Best Friends   
by Hope Well    
"You were my first crush, first enemy,
But finally you became the first guy to ever get close to me. ..."
Love Between Friends
Will You?   
by Jill Wright    
"Will you be my friend,
And see me through thick and thin? ..."
Love Between Friends
Friends are...   
by Shelle Anne    
"Friends are your one extra hand when you have fallen
Love Between Friends
Best Friends   
by Sandra Baker    
"We are best friends but how can this be?
I don't deserve such a person as thee! ..."
Love Between Friends
The Story of Wolves: Story's End   
by Loco Lobo    
"Through the lone and cold,
this winter's night I walk, ..."
Love Between Friends
Best Friend   
by Tat C Smith    
"You may be a girl,
You may be a guy, ..."
Love Between Friends
Unheard Love   
by N~LOVE~M    
"Unheard love
Yes, this is my love to you ..."
Love Between Friends
I pray to God that one day you'll love me too!   
by Crystal Brown    
"I gave you my heart
I gave you my soul ..."
Love Between Friends
I can't help but feel this way...   
by Jayla Cortez    
"Why do I have to feel this way?
I know it's not like you'll stay ..."
Love Between Friends
Men and Friends   
by Amy Wilson    
"Men and friends are meant to be.
But friends are always here to stay. ..."
Love Between Friends
Love or Friendship   
by Heather Carlson    
"Through all the years I've wondered if the day would ever come
Is there a chance it has hit me like a large resounding bass drum ..."
Love Between Friends
by FaNaSy PaRa SiEmPrE    
Love Between Friends
A Door   
by The Felt Need    
"I hear a door open
I look to see who it is ..."
Love Between Friends
Things Do Change   
by Kia Elizabeth Conner    
"As the wind blows on,
the time flies by. ..."
Love Between Friends
Something On My Mind   
by Vicente Armando Leal    
"I've got something on my
mind, from a kind and simple ..."
Love Between Friends
My Best Friend   
by David Norman Rushing    
" Dear friend,
You are always there for me, ..."
Love Between Friends
by Alicia Sarah Bowden    
I stand upon the demons of love and hate. ..."
Love Between Friends
Thank You   
by Michelle Lee Zimmer    
"Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for always letting me know you care. ..."
Love Between Friends
Could it be Love   
by Thomas William Adams    
"I thought I was over you,
Till I saw you there; ..."
Love Between Friends
love i never said   
by Jesus avila    
"I never said how much i care
How my heart would go into despair ..."
Love Between Friends
when in need   
by SpiraL    
"Words are simple things,
often taken for granted. ..."
Love Between Friends
by Brandi Jo    
"Back in the day in second grade
i remember you in a special way ..."
Love Between Friends

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