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by Indra Boodhu    
Love's Decisions
The Verdict…Just for you…   
by Jaydeep Menon    
“She messaged yesterday night ..."
Love's Decisions
The Fate that was Never Meant to be   
by Patrick Ray Morales    
"I want everyone to see
what everyone is saying isn't meant to be. ..."
Love's Decisions
Stay Or Go   
by Laura Jones    
"Life can be so up and down
One moment laughing, then returns the frown ..."
Love's Decisions
My Hearts Decision..   
by Emily Susan Brown    
"My heart made the decision,
that it was time to let you go. ..."
Love's Decisions
Feelings from the start!   
by Lauren Rae LaParade    
"The way I feel when I am with you
Is like nothing that I have ever felt before ..."
Love's Decisions
On this Envelope   
by Bhisma Upreti    
"I inscribed your name
On this envelope. ..."
Love's Decisions
What's it gonna be?   
by Teresa Sue Matteson    
"What's it gonna be...
We had, what I thought was magic. Then you went ..."
Love's Decisions
Just A Friend   
by Viviana Isabel Rivera    
"This guy is very charming,
Sexy as can be. ..."
Love's Decisions
I Want   
by Stormy    
"Why are you always in my thoughts and dreams
I think I may be in love, so it seems ..."
Love's Decisions
by stephanie nicole phillips    
"I ask myself
day in and day out, ..."
Love's Decisions
by Jessenia Rachel Sanchez    
"You talk and I'm a mute!
You look into my brown eyes ..."
Love's Decisions
Begging to let you go   
by Julia    
"Everyday, I wake up and I think of you...
and I wouldn't be the same ..."
Love's Decisions
So Hard   
by Rebecca J. Middleton    
"So close in heart
Yet so far in distance ..."
Love's Decisions
Let me be free   
by Yvan E Snyder    
"Your smile melted my heart and turned it to putty,
stretched to my head and drove me nutty. ..."
Love's Decisions
Stung By Love   
by Gerald Kithinji    
"It was no longer a vague errand,
She was determined to accost him ..."
Love's Decisions
Set Your Emotions   
by Rafael C Ramirez    
"It's Time To Set Your Every Emotion
I Know You Can't Question My Devotion ..."
Love's Decisions
by Maya Nicole    
"Going through changes in my body and mind
Going through changes, the good and the bad kind ..."
Love's Decisions
What do you do?   
by Alisha Dawn Poole    
"What do you do when all you've even known
Love's Decisions
Your Hands, My Heart   
by Stephanie Nicole Phillips    
"So, the decision has been made,
It's 'bout time for it to rain. ..."
Love's Decisions
The Boy   
by stephanie nicole phillips    
"Once apon a star,
there was a dream ..."
Love's Decisions
where i'm from   
by jen felsman    
"i'm from a 16 year old girl's mistake
and a 17 year old boy's nightmare ..."
Love's Decisions
Bound To Love, Why   
by D N B    
"Touching an edge, so terribly sharp
Observing the blood, but perceiving no pain ..."
Love's Decisions
It Found Me   
by Trice Shay Trice    
"It found me. I was searching high and low for it.
Looking to left, looking to right for it. ..."
Love's Decisions

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