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Fathers Day Poems
From Daddy's Little Princess   
by Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"You're my shoulder to cry on
My angel from above. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by Lexioasis Jouliette    
"I never had a father
it's really been a bother ..."
Fathers Day Poems
My Father   
by Sheree' D. Deines    
"He has never really had much
attendance in my development, ..."
Fathers Day Poems
What My Father Means To Me...   
by Holly Michelle Haines    
"When I hear the word Dad...
I think of a great man, not like any other man... ..."
Fathers Day Poems
If only he knew   
by Anonymous    
"You were never even there...
Fathers Day Poems
I Remember...   
by Mikel E. Kadlec    
"I Remember when you said you loved me.
I Remember when you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by angela lea davis    
"Daddy, for years and years you've been around
to pick me up when I was down. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Greatest Dad   
by Toniqua Brown    
"Our moneymaker
Our caretaker ..."
Fathers Day Poems
For u daddy   
by maria pinky    
"Hi dad,
How are you? I love you so you know itís true, ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Becoming A Man   
by Scott Edward Hall    
"You bring to a boy wisdom
That can only be taught by a man; ..."
Fathers Day Poems
How I feel   
by Maegan Elizabeth Poole    
"Have you ever loved someone more than you could stand?
Have you ever cared too much? ..."
Fathers Day Poems
You may remember yesterday   
by Giovanna Acosta    
"You may remember yesterday...
It wasnít so far away ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by Raveon    
"Dad was there whenever I needed
Someone to talk to, his word I heeded, ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Dear Daddy...   
by Michelle Lee Zimmer    
"You've taught me wrong from right,
held my hand and guided me day and night. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Don't you care   
by Marty Ann Robinson    
"When she needs a Daddy's lap to sit on,
Whose will she use, not yours, you'll be gone. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by Sarah Ann Wilcox    
" I must admit,
You've hurt me in the past, ..."
Fathers Day Poems
by Megan Lynn Killian    
"Whenever you are sad
or even feeling blue ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Dear Daddy   
by Miss Phoebe    
"We have been a family
that doesnīt show the way they feel ..."
Fathers Day Poems
I See You   
by Joanne Anderson    
"I see your life in my eyes.
I see your spirit in my actions. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
When I need Him, He Is Always There!   
by Rainner L Bratusa    
"I know a man who is special to me
I donít always tell him that I love him so ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Happy Birthday Daddy   
by Lisa Marie Hutchins    
"The look of wonderment etched on his face,
When he first held me close all wrapped up in lace. ..."
Fathers Day Poems
Father's Day   
by Hilary D Ray    
"Fatherhood will not be easy as I'm sure you would agree
But it will be rewarding raising the new addition to our family ..."
Fathers Day Poems
What you do to me   
by Bethany G. Spencer    
"Do you know what you do to me?
You make me feel loved and understood ..."
Fathers Day Poems

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