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Up in the sky   
by Heather Helene Thompson    
"I look up in the sky.
I then begin to cry. ..."
Entrapped by Love
Pieces Of Our Hearts   
by Jeffrey Michael Wainwright    
"Love has hurt us so very deep
Made us crazy, made us weep ..."
Entrapped by Love
Melissa's sonnet   
by Dr. Ralph    
"Melissa, Melissa, sweet Melissa
How I long to see your Beautiful face. ..."
Entrapped by Love
In Love With You   
by Kylia Aislin    
"I thought I was changing my ways
And starting a new life. ..."
Entrapped by Love
My love is back   
by Miss Phoebe    
"Sorry... my love is back
I thought my life was back on track ..."
Entrapped by Love
Have You Ever?   
by Samantha Casse    
" Have you ever wondered
what happens when you wish ..."
Entrapped by Love
You Tell Me   
by chris parkhurst    
"Sitting in my room
thinking to myself ..."
Entrapped by Love
Entrapped by Love
Dream Walk'in   
by Peter Cantu    
"I can see her standing there
Right before my very eyes ..."
Entrapped by Love
Last breaths of a sane man   
by Charles R Adkins    
" She was unlike any drugs in my veins...
Addicted to her all of my life... ..."
Entrapped by Love
I'd Stay For You   
by Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"At night while I sleep I find
Dreams of you invade my mind ..."
Entrapped by Love
love that never ends   
by Dev J Rill    
"Love is a corner which we all pass every day,
Entrapped by Love
A Good Look   
by Secret Kiss    
" Taking a good look around
I see a little girl whose scared ..."
Entrapped by Love
Loving You   
by Essence Ariel Oliver    
"In the beginning I thought your love was just a big joke
Now I know it's not. ..."
Entrapped by Love
as I lay   
by robert philip schweiker    
"As I lay here dreaming about you leaving me one day,
My eyes begin to fill with tears. ..."
Entrapped by Love
by Sarah Dawn Neeser    
"No matter how hard I try, you never stay.
You push my love away. ..."
Entrapped by Love
by Fatalis    
"Do not mock me,
Whisper words unto my ears. ..."
Entrapped by Love
A Love that lasts forever   
by Robin Linda Lasater    
"There is a love that lasts within our hearts.
We don't aways see it when it starts ..."
Entrapped by Love
Wishing To Be With You   
by Heather Jean Valentine    
"Its all because of you that Id give it up everything I own.
I lie still at night driving myself crazy thinking I do cherish you. ..."
Entrapped by Love
That Night   
by NahNahMan    
"A vision of beauty.
A vision of the night. ..."
Entrapped by Love
by MS. MACKEY    
"Another morning comes
and the pain is here, ..."
Entrapped by Love
What If?   
by Brandy Michelle Moore    
"The way you make me feel
I can't really identify ..."
Entrapped by Love
For A Moment   
by Jamie LeAnne Skinner    
"Don't you know I love you?
Don't you know I care? ..."
Entrapped by Love
I Need You!   
by Chasity B. Bolen    
"Not a day goes by
that you are not on my mind ..."
Entrapped by Love

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