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Everyone's Story   
by Kaitlyn A Linker    
"Undisguised apprehension between two clandestine lovers:
She waits for him to expose everything. ..."
Confused By Love
by Heidi Baum    
"I lay in bed and think about
The things I should do. ..."
Confused By Love
by Kelly Nicole Hiebert    
"Love for us is complicated,
Our relationship is hot and cold, ..."
Confused By Love
A once golden sun   
by Mandy Sue Stiles    
"The sun is so golden
It brings tears to my eyes ..."
Confused By Love
when I see you   
by Kim R.    
"When I see you
What do I do? ..."
Confused By Love
by ishan pachauri    
"Once in consciousness it occurred,
A stone knocked my heart, ..."
Confused By Love
Lost Love hope   
by Rudy Campos    
"Not realizing what he has,
just making her hope for something thatís not gonna last. ..."
Confused By Love
Love And Love Again   
by Jennifer Ann Aughtman    
"Love and love again,
I wore my heart on my sleeve. ..."
Confused By Love
Love was Cruel   
by Jessica Ann Tijerina-Marquez    
"You took my heart away,
and I'm wishing that you hadn't. ..."
Confused By Love
When she breaks your heart   
by Rachel Leigh Rachel    
"What is it that you like about her?
Why won't you use your eyes to see, ..."
Confused By Love
I Wonder   
by LadyofKnight    
"I daydream, unaware of all around me.
I wonder if someone has finally found me. ..."
Confused By Love
Why Donít I?   
by Mariacella Diaz    
"Where are you?
I miss you. ..."
Confused By Love
Confusion In Love   
by carina carmen paulino    
"You got me so deep in your love
I can't breathe ..."
Confused By Love
Just kinda stuck on you   
by sarah h    
"I don't like you- but I do.
I'm just kind of stuck on you. ..."
Confused By Love
by Erik Will J    
"Tell me why we love?
Tell me why we have belief in a faith up above? ..."
Confused By Love
The Love In My Heart   
by Leah Lynn Gross    
"We neve actually talk anymore
Things have changed from what they were before ..."
Confused By Love
by Darnisha Adams    
"I don't know what to do
cause I'm between my love and pain. ..."
Confused By Love
by whitney ann    
"i hate this feelin', this feelin' inside
it's as if the rose inside me has died ..."
Confused By Love
by Bethany RaChelle Thames    
"I'm so confused,
I don't know what to do. ..."
Confused By Love
Why Can't You See?   
by chelsea G.    
"Everyone else can see-
so why can't you? ..."
Confused By Love
by Ashley Shoemake    
"Why Do I Really Love Him?
Why I Do, I Don't Know Why. ..."
Confused By Love
This is How I Feel   
by Ciara Stark    
"I feel special,
I feel great, ..."
Confused By Love
Confused By Love
by Karina Marie Barton    
"I'm confused, confused i am.
Never have been loved in my ..."
Confused By Love

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