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Loving You   
by Terra Lynne Swanson    
Some people say it's meaningless, ..."
About a Loved One
by Sascha Lynn Diotte    
"He is the one I dream of
The boy I want ..."
About a Loved One
by Brittany L. Mulac    
"His kiss, so everlasting.
His eyes, so blue. ..."
About a Loved One
She's Always There   
by Holly Andreanna Cupp    
"She never really left, you know
she's by our side each day ..."
About a Loved One
You Gave Me   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Deep in my heart you saw the pain
Where unmet dreams lie in waste ..."
About a Loved One
by Oche Onojo Ocheme    
"Oh! Of what beauty amidst maiden
Thou ravishing daughter of my King ..."
About a Loved One
A Girl   
by Jole Binarao Bulatao    
"A girl so beautiful, she's defined
Zooty in style, a God's creation in design. ..."
About a Loved One
If I Could   
by Raveon    
" if I could tell you,
the reasons of how and why I feel, ..."
About a Loved One
Because of You   
by Rick Rowlison    
"Because of you I am alive
Because of you I am free ..."
About a Loved One
by Melvyn Sidney Lacey    
"Plucked from its branch,
No sun, ..."
About a Loved One
Boy Most Precious To Me   
by Kalei Michele Corrigan    
"His hair is like a lamb's wool chamois,
Soft and cuddly, much like his body. ..."
About a Loved One
This is what happened   
by JudyInDaSky    
"My heart once longed for someone
And when that someone was mine ..."
About a Loved One
my love i wished we shared   
by Whitney Rebecca mcclure    
"My love for you is just enough, to get me through the day,
If only I could have you by my side, for this I do pray. ..."
About a Loved One
by Shirelle Kapuaokamakahala Campbell    
"As I watch the moon, high in the sky
I can only sit and wonder, why? ..."
About a Loved One
by Denise M Valentine    
"I am so jazzed you stopped by tonight,
I can’t wait to hold you boo, ..."
About a Loved One
You Are...   
by Amanda Jean Leerssen    
"You are the reason I wake up every day,
You help me when I'm lost, you show me the way, ..."
About a Loved One
Rara Avis   
by Tennille M. Jenkins    
"He is a splendor, the aura he brings-
Eyes that show compassion and sincerity, a smile that ..."
About a Loved One
All About You   
by Janessa Stiles    
"Your love gives me strength to go on,
just when I thought I couldn't. ..."
About a Loved One
by Adrienne Lee Daughdrill    
"I am the one in the box marked 'Fragile.'
Handle with care. ..."
About a Loved One
by AMR ALE    
"No one can replace the “you” in my life,
The only one I think of. ..."
About a Loved One
They say itīs wrong.   
by Mariella Joanna    
"They say itīs wrong
But, I donīt get it, ..."
About a Loved One
by FaNaSy PaRa SiEmPrE    
About a Loved One
One To Another   
by Dave Mark Evans    
"One to another,
I cannot change the fact ..."
About a Loved One
Graduation Day   
by Vivian Sue Cross    
"Graduation Day, it finally came
Years of studying with a lot of pain ..."
About a Loved One

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