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She Wears a Green Dress   
by Juice    
"She wears a green dress,
green, to match her eyes ..."
Tempted by Love
by Ekatherina Michon    
"Dearest, my gift from God,
Dearest, don't break my heart! ..."
Tempted by Love
Romance With a Ghost   
by Wrigley    
"Engagingly he talks, with intimate appeal,
weaving magic with words, ..."
Tempted by Love
The Apple   
by Christopher P Rouse    
"If Adam had not eaten the apple
and man lived in Eden ..."
Tempted by Love
by Silvana Krculic    
"Love me quietly
Without words ..."
Tempted by Love
Let not your sighing cease.   
by John J Connelly    
"Oh, let this evening end!
Perhaps the madness of the drink ..."
Tempted by Love
Undying Devotion   
by david halstead    
"This burden of delicate desire,
Forces your emerald eyes toward me. ..."
Tempted by Love
New Love for Old   
by Steven Mather    
"Your first gift was delight and wonder,
erupting storms in fire and thunder. ..."
Tempted by Love
the temptaion of the flower   
by Doug Roberson    
"I chance upon a flower in a field
and try to find the will to wield ..."
Tempted by Love
Come With Me   
by Steven Mather    
"Come walk with me in flowery vales,
'neath billowing clouds that float like sails ..."
Tempted by Love

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