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by thomas g mcgowan    
"It’s not the time or the day
love should appear before me. ..."
Pleading For Love
Red Balloon   
by Kaneisha Carroll    
"Love is a red balloon
That hovers over us ..."
Pleading For Love
The Eyes of Love   
by Robert Anthony James    
"In the eyes of the soft wind
She blows. Where she's going- ..."
Pleading For Love
Sundown (Italian Goddess)   
by Roberto J. Gonzalez    
"Light of all hearts, I feel you glowing inside
A field of emotions that reunites me with nature’s cries. ..."
Pleading For Love
by Michael Russel Julian Lucentales    
"The sun drew back to the shadows
Night had taken it's toll ..."
Pleading For Love
Something To Say   
by Melissa A. Diaz    
"I said somthing to you today
and I know you must have heard; ..."
Pleading For Love
by Victoria Joan Glenn    
"We seek to find perfection
and look both near and far, ..."
Pleading For Love
Listen Closely   
by thomas g mcgowan    
"Love became silent to me.
Drawn by a wind beside you, ..."
Pleading For Love
Standing in the rain   
by James W Puck    
"I want to be your strength
I want to be your courage ..."
Pleading For Love
My Mistake   
by Jeff C Jones    
"Sinful attrition rips at my soul
You, my whole, my beloved disease, ..."
Pleading For Love
Beauty in a Summer Breeze   
by Phillip Knox    
"Swallowed in a dream of bliss
and sunset berry kisses ..."
Pleading For Love
Live a Little Lovely   
by dave s    
"Live a little, Lovely,
Love a little more, ..."
Pleading For Love
Just Call Me a Fool   
by Mi Singh    
"Just call me a fool
I know that's what I am ..."
Pleading For Love

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