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your loss   
by sarah climber girl    
"it's hard to think of the good times
when i see my scarred heart; ..."
Love and Hate
the addiction of distinction   
by elle    
"you distinguished me,
set me apart from the throng, ..."
Love and Hate
A Daughter's Sadness   
by Carla Marie Adair    
"I can't remember what I did
that made you hate me so, ..."
Love and Hate
From Love to Hate   
by Charles Alexander Weese    
"Like the sleeping newborn, my innocence was true,
But all that changed the moment I met you. ..."
Love and Hate
Because of you   
by Xalthia Orion Star    
"I see in you my tangled head
With all our love and friendship dead. ..."
Love and Hate
Hating Love   
by Michelle Majalca    
"This 'hating love' is slowly killing me
like the slow dying of the rose ..."
Love and Hate
by Vanessa K Wallace    
"As long as you are among the living
I shall live in fear ..."
Love and Hate
Mirror of Pain   
by Sheri Lennox    
" Your hate is boiling up inside
It has no place to run and hide. ..."
Love and Hate
Made of Paper   
by Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"My flesh is made of paper,
and I hide myself within ..."
Love and Hate
If Your Heart Were Made Of Paper   
by Casey Draheim    
"Incarcerated in my bedroom,
I'm staring at the ceiling-- ..."
Love and Hate
The Birds and the Bees   
by Karen L Meloy    
"Flowers and meadows and chocolates and cherries...
He never loved me. Hes in love with the fairies. ..."
Love and Hate
Eternal Unreason   
by industrial psychosis    
"You took a gun to your compassion,
Slowly smothered me with hate. ..."
Love and Hate
I hate you   
by Jessica Lynn Tibbott    
"If I have to say it everyday, I will!
To convince myself I no longer love you. ..."
Love and Hate
by Bernadene Dionicio Arches    
"My mind wanders in abysmal darkness
In this sanctuary of forlorn souls. ..."
Love and Hate
My wish for you   
by Dreamer 4 Life    
"I wish you could feel all the pain you have caused me . . .
The relentless ache ..."
Love and Hate
by Brittney Renee W.    
"There's a time when your, "maybe later"
becomes too late. ..."
Love and Hate
To My Dad:   
by Kelly Caudill    
"All of your false promises
Are coming to an end ..."
Love and Hate
by Avery Robertson    
"Bitterness stains the tongue
Deep shades of blackened red, ..."
Love and Hate
by Qadesh    
"Looking up at the sky
Feeling lonely, as I stare ..."
Love and Hate

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