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by Kevin R. Ranville    
"Fear balances Love,
like gravity ..."
Love and Fear
I Am Coming!   
by N~LOVE~M    
"I am coming to see you.
I am coming to live my happiest moment. ..."
Love and Fear
by Joanna    
"We were so young, so carefree
We had the world on a string ..."
Love and Fear
My Love To Thee   
by RaBekha ReNee    
"If we could make love and let everyone know
I'll be yours all night and all day ..."
Love and Fear
by John V Miccio    
"Although you've listened to your mind
And thought best to leave our past behind ..."
Love and Fear
Why am I scared?   
by Nicole Elizabeth Marsh    
"As I sit in the dark outside,
Tears roll down my cheeks. ..."
Love and Fear
by Roland John Olson    
"To be numb
To be absent of feeling ..."
Love and Fear
I Know I Can Love You Much Better Than This   
by SweetGirl    
"Holding me all night long,
Cuddling tight, to our song. ..."
Love and Fear
by Victoria Anne Wolf Eila    
"I cried myself to sleep each night
The turmoil in my head not ceasing ..."
Love and Fear
I Think of You   
by Crystal Lamkin    
"I hooked up with my friends awhile back
and they kept tellng me ..."
Love and Fear
You have the Key   
by Kristina Renee Woosley    
"Life can be so complicating
It seems as if, everything is falling apart. ..."
Love and Fear
A Secret Fear   
by Megan Maria Brooks Verheyden    
"When love is gone, when you can feel it no more,
Is the day your mind and heart are at war. ..."
Love and Fear
by jenelle raeanne longstreth    
"in the warmest of embraces
there is always a sense of withdrawal ..."
Love and Fear
Her Words...   
by Frank Gonzalez    
"Her words,
Like Hot stones, ..."
Love and Fear
Narcotic Glitter   
by Iced Smoke    
"In solitude I walked through the night
admiring the beautiful flowers ..."
Love and Fear
by Barb D    
"decisions ... decisions ....
Love and Fear
Loving Again   
by Ciara Rose Dominguez    
"I wish I could trust him more
Instead of staying wound tight within myself ..."
Love and Fear
Afraid to love again   
by Anastasia C.    
"My heart had once been broken in two
I look back and I think- ..."
Love and Fear
Which One   
by Catherine Moon    
"Is it me in you, I see,
Or, you in me? ..."
Love and Fear
by Eurlantae    
"My feelings are as clear
As glass. My needs as dear ..."
Love and Fear
Never Let Go   
by Elizabeth Veronica Giusti    
"hold me tight
tighter still ..."
Love and Fear
18 and confused   
by Alexis C. Hernandez    
"am i pretty enough?
am i beautiful enough? ..."
Love and Fear
When the Music Fades   
by David Reed Sutter    
"Let me in so I can learn the love you have,
so I may be free ..."
Love and Fear
If I Told You...   
by Crystal R. Hinson    
"If I told you I loved you,
would you push me away? ..."
Love and Fear

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