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The Indecision of Man   
by Kurt Robert Willems    
"Her face glows with exuberance,
with hair that flows to unknown reaches. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Erik Allan-Sean Johnson    
"He chases me,
Takes the shade from me, ..."
Love and Doubt
I Cannot Protect Myself From THIS   
by Biana Yanovsky    
"What are you thinking about right now?
What's going through your mind? ..."
Love and Doubt
Crying in the rain   
by Silje Renate Bękkelund    
"You believed I didn't care,
that I wouldn't miss you, ..."
Love and Doubt
Because I Love You   
by Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"you could not be more wrong for me,
yet, i run to you, obliviously. ..."
Love and Doubt
'Til I Breathe   
by Mi Singh    
"Are you thinking of me
The way I'm thinking of you? ..."
Love and Doubt
Too Late   
by Tracey Lynn Rose    
"So, now, with tears and regret -on your knees- you choose to stand;
As my broken, bleeding heart lies dripping from your hand. ..."
Love and Doubt
by said said ouabich    
"Dreams are vanquished
Life goes on the wrong track ..."
Love and Doubt
Heart's Protection   
by Michelle Juliet Valdes    
"To dream the day into night
A peaceful, birthing slumber ..."
Love and Doubt
by Valerie Winkle    
"I fall upon my knees...
Hands meshing together ..."
Love and Doubt
by Silvana Krculic    
"I wrote you a love song,
And saved it to my computer. ..."
Love and Doubt
I Cant' Help What I Feel...   
by Natalie FM Fraser    
"my body feels empty,
my hands, they are so cold, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lesa    
" Does it matter anymore
When lights dim and curtains touch the floor? ..."
Love and Doubt
To Love You Well Enough   
by Robert A. Daniels    
"Do I know you well enough
To love you well enough ..."
Love and Doubt
Renewed Love   
by Jill Renee' Lamonte    
" Deep in the darkness,
Where you hold me tight, ..."
Love and Doubt
a rose for love   
by pedro pinon gregorio    
"morning found me thinking that love is insufficient as a rose.
that beauty plucked from stem to thorns withers with petal falls. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Color of Green Frogs   
by Kim Park    
""I'm sorry, I can't explain my behavior.
I can't commit," he said, "Not even to the color of green frogs." ..."
Love and Doubt
Tornado of Souls   
by Esp    
"The wind blows through my hair
as I am walking all alone ..."
Love and Doubt
For Matthew   
by Sandra J. Rosabella    
"You invade my every thought.
Slip heaven so softly into my head, ..."
Love and Doubt
Would You Ever?   
by Yuri Diaz    
"Would you ever hold the night
With just a single hand? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Crystal M Laskowski    
"Why don't you tell me,
What you really want to say. ..."
Love and Doubt
love denied   
by SML    
"I lie awake and wonder:
is love just one big blunder? ..."
Love and Doubt
So Many Questions   
by Shay Debra Stanley    
"When he says he loves me
Does he really mean it? ..."
Love and Doubt
"Refrain! Refrain!
For the real thing has died ..."
Love and Doubt

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