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Wake Me In The Morning   
by Deborah Woolverton    
"Please wake me in the morning with a tender kiss.
Help me start my day off with a little bit of bliss. ..."
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by Sk...    
"I'd sketch the sun
to brighten your day ..."
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by Aphrodite    
"When you kiss me
Part of my soul drains away ..."
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I Just Want To Be   
by Jenny Marie Aszman    
"I want to be the air you need to breathe
I want to be the sight you open your eyes to see ..."
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How can you tell   
by Chau Minh Nguyen    
"How can you tell the sun not to shine when the sky exists?
How can you tell the moon not to glow when a star exists? ..."
Love Displayed
by Sheri Ann Crete    
"You say you still love her,
Though she's broken your heart. ..."
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by Juzz do it    
"Break not, as the ground beneath you begins to shake
Fail me not as time draws on, making you weary ..."
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Love Displayed
Lucy of the Seven Songs   
by Joshua Louw    
"The first she hummed as a solitary tune
That woke the surrounding countryside; ..."
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Just for you   
by Melissa 2    
"If I could touch the stars,
I'd give them all to you, ..."
Love Displayed
by Rachael Howard    
"Each gaze enchants,
draws me in and pulls ..."
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Untitled Love Poem   
by Dan C. Meyer    
"My love for you burns
Like a candle in the night ..."
Love Displayed
My Light   
by Dorrant Anderson    
"U r the object of my desire,
the one my heart requires. ..."
Love Displayed
Was There an Eye   
by Daydred Easton    
" Was there an eye in the vacant land,
where two hearts lived and died, ..."
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A Kiss of Love   
by Sheldon Webb    
"I look into her beautiful eyes.
I see her desires and passions ..."
Love Displayed
Her Poetry Doesn't Want To Give Me Up   
by M. Douglas Hoss    
"Her poetry doesn't want to give me up
And I get the blame for it. ..."
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i would love you   
by David Fronius    
"i would love you
on a bed of rose thorns- ..."
Love Displayed
i tried   
by Eric W. Halleran    
"i couldn't get the moon for you,
i tried and tried, but it wouldn't budge. ..."
Love Displayed
Flower of Beautiful   
by Armando Canizales    
"Hey Miss,
It's been 2 since you showed me what true love is ..."
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Love in the Wind   
by Kathleen M Harmon    
"The branches move
As the wind rustles through the trees. ..."
Love Displayed
by Noneed    
"How do I sow for you a flaxen field that shimmers like your hair
when I havenít any seeds in my hand? ..."
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Mirror of Love   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"His eyes beheld my own
that night in June ..."
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I'm A Prisoner Of Love   
by Judy Carolyn Beaver    
"I'm a prisoner of love
But I don't mind. ..."
Love Displayed

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