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In My Heart   
by Linda Marie Lofaro    
"In my heart... I belong to you;
With every breath I take... I belong to you. ..."
Love Declared
I'll wait   
by malyssa mary barricella    
"i can't explain my feelings for you
it's just too much to say, ..."
Love Declared
by William Thomas Kinsey    
" I know how to laugh at life
I know, well, how to cry ..."
Love Declared
To Hold On   
by DeJuan Dunn    
"I can still taste, and
I sense and I smell. ..."
Love Declared
Oreo Ice Cream   
by Kathryn J. M.    
"I wanted 2 write a poem 4 u
2 tell u how I feel, ..."
Love Declared
An Old Song for Beauty   
by Mario Janssens    
"iíve tasted gold of morning lights
drunk the wine of sunset nights ..."
Love Declared
by Jennifer Denise Phillips    
"Sweet and silent tenderness
I feel it in you touch ..."
Love Declared
No doubt   
by said said ouabich    
"My eyes' light
Life without you is dark and tight ..."
Love Declared
by Lorin    
" There once was a girl
who lived in a room as dark as midnight. ..."
Love Declared
Do You...?   
by Zahra Faisal Asghar    
"Bare your heart and once be true.
If you love me then say... you do. ..."
Love Declared
You and I   
by Carla Marie Adair    
"Shadows dancing on the sand,
a man and women walk hand in hand. ..."
Love Declared
To Speak my Love   
by John Kent    
"I take my pen
to write a poem, ..."
Love Declared
The Unspoken   
by rachel anne more    
"The wind whispers
The words I long to hear ..."
Love Declared
White Rose   
by Daniel J. Mishko    
"Like the long white rose,
I see you rare ..."
Love Declared
Mary Evermore   
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"How many Marys can I count,
five or ten or more? ..."
Love Declared
Your eyes   
by Pontus Pischa Svensson    
"I can see it in your eyes;
the sun setting in a midsummer night, ..."
Love Declared
The Right Thing To Do   
by Scott Wolcott Sander    
"I am young and confused,
Not understanding the powers of love. ..."
Love Declared
No Boundries   
by Xalthia Orion Star    
"I would pave a path of gold for you
if I knew you'd give me that look, ..."
Love Declared
With You   
by Dave Gale Haines, Jr.    
"What have you done to me?
Why do I feel this way? ..."
Love Declared
Who but you   
by William Thomas Kinsey    
"Who but you could hold me
and keep the world at bay ..."
Love Declared
What does it matter the time !   
by Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta    
"Is it time which passes through our lives?
Or our lives which pass through time? ..."
Love Declared
Will You Marry Me?   
by Grant Buckley    
"We've been together for a while now, and I need to let you know
Just how it would make me feel inside if you ever let me go. ..."
Love Declared
Twice For You   
by Hannah Huss    
"I will never forget the night
You stayed up to make sure I was okay. ..."
Love Declared
Eternal Love   
by Tracy Renee' Shierling    
"I wonder if i dreamed of you-
if you would appear? ..."
Love Declared

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