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Regretted Love   
by Salik Mahmood    
"I know not when it came and went,
The wind of this strange love... ..."
Entrapped by Love
Selfish Love   
by Adrienne Lee Daughdrill    
"The fallacy of your words burnt me.
The lineage we once shared has faltered. ..."
Entrapped by Love
To be a bird... Or a stone?   
by Sheldon Webb    
"I'm standing on the Rocky Edge of Love;
Gazing down at the Dark Sea of Hate. ..."
Entrapped by Love
Frozen Mannequin (Sonnet)   
by Tamara Beryl Latham    
"The woods are painted white this winter's eve,
A landscape portrait splashed with shards of ice. ..."
Entrapped by Love
Watching You Swim   
by Barry Hammons    
"I envy the cool water,
Its full caress of your smooth body, ..."
Entrapped by Love
by Melissa S. Barron    
"To me, everything you say,
makes me feel special... everyday. ..."
Entrapped by Love
My Heaven   
by Holli Christina Swafford    
"I see you across this crowded space.
I watch you move, I see you breathe. ..."
Entrapped by Love
by Jessica Denise Diaz    
"Our eyes meet
They exchange secrets ..."
Entrapped by Love
Say It   
by Tyler R. Converse    
"Take back the kiss that stole my breath
The touch I yearned to sense ..."
Entrapped by Love
Frigid Soul   
by Harrison Elliot    
"I close the door behind me,
It shatters just like glass. ..."
Entrapped by Love
by William Thomas Kinsey    
Entrapped by Love

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