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by Jeanette Renee Mullins    
"underwater deep, feeling love within my veins
under water’s surface, the view's just not the same ..."
Entangled in Love
by Erik Allan-Sean Johnson    
"Alas, the lovers in the sun,
They look at us and laugh. ..."
Entangled in Love
Crash Course   
by Alicia R Collins    
"The road, long and agonizing,
the white lines coming together as one, ..."
Entangled in Love
tangled embrace   
by natasia melodie wright    
"listen to the window break.
the sharp tangled embrace, ..."
Entangled in Love
doorway dialogue   
by pedro pinon gregorio    
"at the doorway we wait for midnight to collect itself.
half-naked stars cling to the eve of branches and leaves. ..."
Entangled in Love
Joy By Moonlight   
by Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Joy walks by moon light,
the waves roll in with their hypnotic melody, ..."
Entangled in Love
Sickly Incomplete   
by Christiane Linda Plamondon    
"i am sickly incomplete,
scarred by imperfection, ..."
Entangled in Love
Once Given   
by Lisa Ann McElreath    
" Where did
my mind go? ..."
Entangled in Love
by Victoria Mewanu Nojang    
"Oh how can I hide
The feeling that seizes me? ..."
Entangled in Love
by Bob H    
"I see raindrops on a window pane
and I write her name with my finger ..."
Entangled in Love
by Shannon Michaela Jaworski    
"I see ribbons of ecstacy
when you're sleeping. ..."
Entangled in Love
When I Fall   
"When I look into your eyes
I fall into a place I can't explain. ..."
Entangled in Love
Back to You   
by Alexis Renee Crittenden    
"No matter how I circle around it
Winding, twisting, and curving ..."
Entangled in Love
So quiet and Stare   
by Star Gazer    
"Mesmerized by eyes, so dark.
Held in limbo within your arms. ..."
Entangled in Love
When All That You Can Think About   
by Jenny Marie Aszman    
"When all you can think about
is how your ex lied ..."
Entangled in Love
by Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"this street is endless
and dark, ..."
Entangled in Love
by robert santellana acosta    
"Petals closing in darkness,
Fragrances sleeping, ..."
Entangled in Love
by Henry Kayange Luis    
"Been alone for so long, felt so wrong
She's been away for long, felt so little ..."
Entangled in Love

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