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To My Love.....Asia....."In My Arms Again"   
by Ralphiebear R    
"It was written in the stars...
On the pages of my heart... ..."
The Power of Love
by Farbod 74    
"In dreams I searched for love and one with whom I felt it true
In fantasy I awoke as one and began to fall for you ..."
The Power of Love
Arms of Love   
by Sylvia Leigh    
"Not for a single moment
Could I ever succeed ..."
The Power of Love
Depth of You   
by Lucy Dawn Johnson    
"Through the strewn glitter which sparkles in your eyes,
I see profound serenity. ..."
The Power of Love
Time After Time   
by Marc Anthony    
"All prose has been drained
For thy heart is no longer thy source ..."
The Power of Love
With Grace   
by Cameron J. Herrington    
"With Grace I lay in a passion's drift
Lovely and loved by the saviour, in her tide ..."
The Power of Love
by Harrison Elliot    
"The sun will set, the moon will rise,
After just one day's rest. ..."
The Power of Love
Without The Slightest Sound   
by Bstgirl911    
"Love creeps up on us,
When no one is around, ..."
The Power of Love
by michael chiagozie nwabuko    
"i never believed in angels
till i set my eyes on you ..."
The Power of Love
Im Human Again   
by Sarus .S    
"Your Stroke Indents Of Heaven.
Darkness Eaten All Away. ..."
The Power of Love
He of Water, She of Earth   
by Avery Robertson    
"His soul dwelled within the sea,
his eyes as dark as dark could be. ..."
The Power of Love
from all distances i love you...   
by Jennmarie...    
"i hear your words when were not speaking
like the whisper of the wind ..."
The Power of Love
I'm Strong   
by Silvana Krculic    
"You promised a new beginning.
I told you things for me had meaning. ..."
The Power of Love
could it be   
by trixie    
"I walked in your door, and I knew!
How could it be? ..."
The Power of Love
Your Power   
by melo starr    
"Looking in your eyes,
Gives me enchantment beyond surprise. ..."
The Power of Love
I Cannot Imagine   
by Sylvia Leigh    
"In my heart, I cannot imagine...
The winter without an early snow, ..."
The Power of Love
Being There   
by Lois Barcomb    
"When you're all alone
and feeling blue, ..."
The Power of Love
If I Could   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" Using my imagination
I could travel any place, ..."
The Power of Love
by Lydia Conchita Nobel    
"Among all the crowds...
Somewhere in the middle of your life ..."
The Power of Love
My love for you   
by Blair M. Feltman    
"The first time I fixed my eyes upon you
I vowed to stay away, ..."
The Power of Love
by Bill    
"At moments glance, bewitched by she,
By beauty besotted and stunned by grace, ..."
The Power of Love
Declaration of the Heart   
by George M Gibson    
"Love doth bare the name of sorrow
High doth it hold regret ..."
The Power of Love
by Mariel    
"Where I find solace...
In the comfort of your words, ..."
The Power of Love
by Silvana Krculic    
"Her hand she lays on the paper,
Her heart she gives to art. ..."
The Power of Love

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