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Who needs Cheesy love poems?   
by EmmaGreen    
"The memory of
soft light upon your skin, ..."
Love Described
Heart Aware   
by Vanessa Bernsmann    
"where does my heart begin and where does it end?
how can I tell what is in it? ..."
Love Described
Succession Of Falling For You   
by Wrigley    
"It was fandango, flutter,
and young soft melodies ..."
Love Described
My World That Is You   
by Randy DeMedici    
"Pools of rippling water in the moonlight,
Like the depth of your soul-ridden eyes; ..."
Love Described
Love and Lagniappe   
by Larry Michael Pollick    
" This is how easily two stiff souls can learn to bend,
And pivot around the mulberry times ..."
Love Described
Raven-haired Lover   
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"Raven-haired lover, so dear and so warm,
cling to me tightly - unfurl all your charm. ..."
Love Described
by Sandra Howard    
"Let's go to bed with our shoes on and jump rope in the rain
chase butterflies and sunrays and steal gold ..."
Love Described
Sunset Storms   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Lover mine, in the shady place
In fragrance of jasmine ..."
Love Described
by Ryley Micheal Bryson    
"Your Gorgeous blue eyes,
Could light up a nation, ..."
Love Described
The Kite Strings of Our Love   
by Kathryn A. Carlson    
"Our love is like a pretty kite
With a tail full of bows ..."
Love Described
Forever Us   
by Kathryn A. Carlson    
Intertwined... ..."
Love Described
You Allow Me Your Beauty   
by Wrigley    
"You command a language of atonic measure
You give love a voice with expert passion ..."
Love Described
Angel Dreams   
by Joel L. Reid    
"Lost in peaceful, silent bliss,
The sleeping angel dreams. ..."
Love Described
by Panda Girl    
"A fantasy of deepening dreams
Where all I do is dream of you. ..."
Love Described
Blue is the Essence of You   
by Matt Levesque    
"My thoughts sail through your calm waters
and my heart soars in the heavens above, ..."
Love Described
Untitled (A Two-Sided Poem)   
by Stephanie Therese Wilson    
"I like how he makes me feel I LIKE HOW SHE TALKS
I love how he helps me heal I LOVE HOW SHE WALKS ..."
Love Described
Take me   
by Cervantes    
"Take me on that tempestís night,
when flowers fold beneath torrents, ..."
Love Described
springs of us   
by jeremy d s    
"And there we were, upon this wondrous rock -- so sturdy,
perhaps we could build it all from there, maybe we are. ..."
Love Described
Just so   
by Vanessa Bernsmann    
"Glimpses of my homeland in the slant of his eye
the image of my childhood days in the depth of his sigh ..."
Love Described
The Lonesome Tower   
by Mythology    
"The tower in the distance
Unmolested for many years past ..."
Love Described
None Have As You   
by Stephen Babcock    
"None have completed my soul,
embraced my heart, ..."
Love Described
A Kiss   
by Joe Mercado    
" I wanted
so badly ..."
Love Described
Yet softly spoken   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Softly, softly, your voice
on the telephone ..."
Love Described
Thoughts of You as We Meet   
by Adam Shaw    
"The hit of hazel on marbled blue,
The dance of flowers and flavoured hue, ..."
Love Described

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