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I need you   
by Nicole Lynn Green    
"I need you,I want you,I love you
without you I am nothing, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Just Another Valentines Day Poem   
by Alexis Nicole Pampena    
"Valentines Day is a time to be with the one you love,
A day to be thankful you have someone to think of. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My love   
by Chris Volk    
"My love is so beautiful to see
When I show it to you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
When I Saw   
by Alan (Aj) Sugahara (Sugarboy or Sad Boy)    
"When I saw ur cute face I wanted to talk to u.
But when I did, I got too attached to u ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by C.A.    
"I write to you on valentine's day
Because there are a few things I wanna say ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
No Name   
by Artur Dymko    
"You are my cloud in the sky
And I don't really know why ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
You Are My Wonder   
by byvamsi krishna krishna    
"Which Fool said that there is only 7 wonders in the world
including you it is 8 ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Crystal Rose   
by Y. Lin    
"This crystal rose from me to you
Represents my love I believe is true ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Diamond in the Rough   
by Greg Young Romeo    
"Come on, boo, let's take a walk
let's walk to a place where people don't gossip when they talk ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A word from my heart   
by Josť Alberto Aquino    
"Every morning when you kiss me,
I fall in love like the first time, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Alicia Marie Alia    
"He ran his hand through my hair, though not brushed, without a tear
our giggles echoed throughout, us not knowing what about ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Jeremy Leon Noble    
"A half-dozen roses...
Because it takes two hearts ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Nick Ottea    
"Thinking of you,
what pulled us apart, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Love   
by sarah ann camacho    
"My love, my dear...
ultimate sweet desire ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Nigel Saint Aubyn Daring    
"Walking on the Sun's Rays you came as an angel to bless
You're God's divine grace masquerading as flesh ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Kayla Leishman    
"Forever and ever
Something I thought ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by pRiNcEsS JuLiE bErLaNgA    
Valentine's Day Poems
by Jeremy Leon Noble    
"A half-dozen roses,
Because it takes two hearts to make a whole. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Please Be Mine   
by Nathan Eidse    
"'Twas the first time I set eyes on you,
I knew I loved you, that much is true. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine Love   
by Nadia Varkovsky    
"I really can't express my feelings for you,
But there's only one thing I can say. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by christi lenor cabrera    
"I believe in God,
the Father Almighty. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Happy Valentine Especially For You   
by Vini Siagian    
"We may have been at a great distance for a while,
but I need to let you know something. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Ricahrd James Hardin    
"Love is such a powerful thing
a thing so sacred, so true. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's Day   
by J-INC    
"Valentine's Day is a special holiday
for each and every person to say ..."
Valentine's Day Poems

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