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Patiently Waiting   
by Mercedes Torres    
"After all that we've been through
I can't understand why we're apart ..."
Love and Doubt
Conflicting Emotions   
by That Girl    
"What did I do but try and love you as best I could
With everything I had? ..."
Love and Doubt
by stella johnson    
"why must you be so far away?
why must i feel this way? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephani Kramer    
Love and Doubt
What Am I Supposed To Do?   
by Sara Lynn Zuidema    
"I spent hours upon hours
waiting by the phone. ..."
Love and Doubt
Do you still love me?   
by saz4suds    
"Tell me now...
do you still love me? ..."
Love and Doubt
My Destiny   
by RaBekha ReNee "BaBeeDoLL"    
"You are my destiny
That should be the name of our first child ..."
Love and Doubt
by Nicole L. Compton    
"What do you do
when you love someone so much? ..."
Love and Doubt
Are You Playing Games?   
by Iliana Jaquez    
"It was so perfect in the beginning
You used to call me everyday in the evening ..."
Love and Doubt
by Amanda Elaine Hayden    
"Why do we do the things we do?
We cause each other pain ..."
Love and Doubt
This Time Will Be Better   
by Craig Charles Jones    
"Don't allow yourself to fall astray to the
things that occurred back in the day. ..."
Love and Doubt
no more heart ache   
by Heather Ashley Wilson    
"i said i really liked you and loved you
so, what more do you want me to do? ..."
Love and Doubt
Will We Make It??   
by Ana Hope Nicole Malone    
" I wondered since the day we met†if we would ever be a pair.††† ††††
I wondered since the day we started to see each other if we ..."
Love and Doubt
If You Still   
by KatieGirl    
"If you still want her,
just leave me alone. ..."
Love and Doubt
About Us   
by Sierra Pearl Faircloth    
"I almost lost you.
I got back and you said that we're through. ..."
Love and Doubt
Lonely enough   
by Amy L. Cramer    
"I talked to you again today.
It made my heart beat wildly ..."
Love and Doubt
Awakened For A Moment   
by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.    
"I am awakened by the first sunlight
Only to look over ..."
Love and Doubt
Donít Want to Try   
by Megan Estrella Aguilar    
"I donít want to try
Because all we do is fight. ..."
Love and Doubt
Dark Lover   
by Susan De'Ann Robbins    
"I loved not the night but he drew me...
With dark whispers beckoned me near his shadows that ..."
Love and Doubt
Frozen Sunshine   
by Shaun raymond p    
" While my true Soul is distant,
frozen on radio waves stopped in time... ..."
Love and Doubt
Passion's Poem   
by Johnny Dale Brown    
"Once I put you up on a pedestal
So everyone could see ..."
Love and Doubt
Do I ?   
by Ladystorm    
"Do I scare you with my honesty?
Fill you with despair? ..."
Love and Doubt
Is Love...   
by Bianca Aimee Najera    
"Is love the way you hold my hand,
or the way you make me smile? ..."
Love and Doubt
An Unfinished Verse   
by Arup Kumar Amulya    
"Let us row, my love, toward
The vale of sandal moonlight ..."
Love and Doubt

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