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by Karen Jayne Mulley    
Found me, ..."
The Power of Love
If I could only hold the sun...   
by david rushing    
"If I could only hold the sun,
and share the warmth it brings; ..."
The Power of Love
I swim in a sea of my love   
by Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"I swim in a sea of my love
Ebony waves and splendor abide deep within ..."
The Power of Love
Letter to my love   
by A.Z. Alfred    
"Under the patient watch of candlelight,
My pen flicks like a wasp. ..."
The Power of Love
by Brian Earl Cox    
"Let me take you on a trip up to the stellar plains.
It'll cure you of your troubles, it'll ease you of your pains. ..."
The Power of Love
by another lonely heart    
"You are only a child once, they say
Live it as best you can ..."
The Power of Love
TO DB   
by Stephen John Keating    
"Little could I dream, on that day, so long ago
that my life was about to change, my spirit about to awaken ..."
The Power of Love
Playing the Stars   
by Miriam M. Wynn    
"Her name was melody,
And she looked at me ..."
The Power of Love
Tomorrow's Rise   
by James Walters    
"As I watch tomorrow rise
Faintly in the east, ..."
The Power of Love
Safely Home   
by Renee Lynn Gill    
"I am not opposed to being wrong
Since I know that I have been wrong ..."
The Power of Love
A Shade of Blue   
by Wrigley    
"It always comes to play,
the way I feel for ..."
The Power of Love
As She Dreams...   
by George M Gibson    
"I can hear her thoughts
As she ponders ..."
The Power of Love
The Power of Love
Dreaming of You   
by Frank Evans Hurley    
" I close my eyes and dream of you,
can't sleep the whole night through. ..."
The Power of Love
Deep within Everyone's Soul   
by Abhay Srivastava    
"Deep inside of everyone... something is entwined
The Power of Love
Here is my heart   
by Sergio Rivas    
"Here is my heart- treat it however you want to.
Trust in it- because it will never be unfaithful. ..."
The Power of Love
Your Laughter   
by Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"Your laughter rings in the doorways
down the hallways ..."
The Power of Love
Did I...   
by Bill    
" Did I speak those words that long would thrill,
Or treat you as you should have been? ..."
The Power of Love
Winter's Night   
by Norman William Kearney    
"A winter's day 'tho it be sharp, might be a man's delight.
When a hard days work is done, it quickly turns to night. ..."
The Power of Love
An evening serenade   
by Bonnie Boutelle    
"A whisper
to the moon and ..."
The Power of Love
Sense My Love   
by Timothy M Mathis    
"Feel my love
It flows to thee ..."
The Power of Love
Wonder Of Your Eyes   
by Gloria Jean Siddiqui    
"You don't have to speak a word,
of love and all its glory. ..."
The Power of Love
Walls of stone   
by John E Firhill    
"As a king in a castle dwelling
Who’s got hardly any fear at all ..."
The Power of Love
Stop My Tears   
by A. Kelly    
"You know I love you and everything you do.
You make it a point to say you love me, too, ..."
The Power of Love

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