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by Rosanne Connally    
"Drops of sweet passion
Sprinkle my tongue like honey, ..."
Love Described
Remembrance of Juan   
by Stormdancer :)    
"And your voice
seems to ..."
Love Described
Wild Roses   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Wild roses in a
fragrant place ..."
Love Described
Weathered Hands   
by Robert M. Topp    
"These hands have grown weathered
From exposure to the sun. ..."
Love Described
Red Strawberries   
by Michael David Coffey    
"In red, you came
In red ..."
Love Described
Home... at last   
by Wendy Joan Ng    
"...I loved your house.
Love Described
by Natalie Susan Smith    
"He caught me off guard.
Right when I thought I'd ..."
Love Described
This Gift   
by Poe's Rose    
"I could be falling to pieces,
Like a smashed jar of clay, ..."
Love Described
Somewhere in the middle   
by Barry Lee    
"Somewhere in the middle,
between the joy and sorrow, ..."
Love Described
The Melody of My Heart   
by Kamille Mille    
"You are my melody, my note played just right.
From the moment I saw you ..."
Love Described
Amber Tones   
by Michael David Coffey    
" Addressing the dawn
in a moment of reflection ..."
Love Described
You Are My Second Skin   
by Tehreem    
"You are my second skin
Protection sent from heaven ..."
Love Described
The Empress of My Soul   
by Neale Richard Dirling    
"She is in my every dream
When comes the darkness of the night. ..."
Love Described
What is Love?   
by Duncan MacKellar    
"A simple spark of deep desire,
The gentle gaze that sets the fire. ..."
Love Described
Forever Between Us   
by Patrick Connally    
"We may write our names on window panes,
Or trace them in the sand. ..."
Love Described
My Love For You   
by Guanja    
"My love for you has no boundaries
or secrets. ..."
Love Described
You Steal A Breath   
by Carman Daugherty    
"A secret smile
paints my face happy. ..."
Love Described
by Eric Marshall    
"When the moon stirs
On the horizon ..."
Love Described
You make it a perfect day   
by Amanda I    
"You are the morning I long for,
You are the one who lights my day, ..."
Love Described
"You are the essence that makes me whole,
each day of my life, ..."
Love Described
Wings of Love   
by John Kent    
"No more does love caress my soul,
kiss the roses growing tall, ..."
Love Described
Chaos of Love   
by Avery Robertson    
"I could sing you a song,
telling you of my pain and loss, ..."
Love Described
Gold Reflections   
by Michael David Coffey    
"It stopped, then
went on ..."
Love Described
Love Defined   
by Steven Mather    
"Although it's better than the rest,
this word can never pass the test; ..."
Love Described

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