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A Flower in the Snow   
by John Seabrook    
"I saw a flower, out in the snow,
From whence did it come; why does it grow, ..."
Love Remembered
by anthony james de Matteis    
"I was a drowning soul when our eyes met
You offered wine and things I haven't heard yet ..."
Love Remembered
by Avery Robertson    
"Love seems not to
have found a friend ..."
Love Remembered
The Things You Left Me With   
by Sonja Broderick    
"A hair, cradled in the dimple of the pillow.
Your smell in every fibre of every fabric I possess. ..."
Love Remembered
by Pete Bolte    
"I look
At the wrinkled pillow where you lay ..."
Love Remembered
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"Do you hear a lovesong
in every faded flower ..."
Love Remembered
A Young Wife and Mother   
by Mary-Ellen B. Kelleher    
"Did she sit
and did she sit ..."
Love Remembered
The Break Up   
by Robert Anthony James    
"I miss the soft sounds of her quiet sleep,
Gentle whispers in the night ..."
Love Remembered
Yesterday's Tomorrow   
by Mary L McCoy    
"The time has come for yesterday's tomorrow
Love Remembered
darker the waves now   
by pedro pinon gregorio    
"i gathered you from the absence of night.
in thickets of sorrow, ..."
Love Remembered
by Sonali Bakshi    
"Footsteps on the stony path,
No impressions of the past, ..."
Love Remembered
by Stormdancer :)    
"On nights like tonight,
when the moon is liquid mercury ..."
Love Remembered
Sweet Angel Child   
by Pixie    
"Sweet angel child,
you came to me with promsies, ..."
Love Remembered
First Loves   
by Gina Murray    
"We were so caught up- in the way only young lovers can be
or like older folks trying to recapture their youth ..."
Love Remembered
by Yvette F. Hanrath    
"I had this carefully laid-out plan
That by no small measure should succeed ..."
Love Remembered
I Never Thought   
by SweetGirl    
"The way your neck smelled when I held you tight,
Or the warmth of your arms all through the night, ..."
Love Remembered
by Bill    
"Memories long and pleasant spent
Of touch and thoughts of you, ..."
Love Remembered
by Suzanne Marie Phillips    
"As shadows fall...
my heart surrenders ..."
Love Remembered
Carry Me Closely   
"Carry me closely, carry me near,
Hold me tightly, I have this fear. ..."
Love Remembered
H.W.P.the 4th   
by Danielle Nicole Newman    
"Life, as we knew it..
Can you laugh it all away? ..."
Love Remembered
Another Sad Love Song   
by Christi Richards    
"It's the words that softly kill you
of one more failed romance. ..."
Love Remembered
Cry for you   
by sue p Lilacvpi    
" I cry, I cry tonight... I cry
Tossing and turning till my tears run dry. ..."
Love Remembered
To My Muse   
by Ronald Sebastian Dondiego    
"I want to breathe
your fragrance in my dreams ..."
Love Remembered
by Rajlaxman Dorai Swamy    
"Like a lily flower embowered in a bunch of golden hay,
Into my tranquility she hovered, with a countenance so gay, ..."
Love Remembered

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