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Eternal Spring   
by Mark Reynold Blunk    
"Like songbirds, flying from place to place,
My heart seeks out your warm embrace. ..."
Love Described
Not of Love, but Love Improved   
by Jared Lee Dudgeon    
"What lives beneath this barren breast-
is it love? Nay, for it is so much more, ..."
Love Described
Your Eyes...   
by Babe Tree    
They speak... ..."
Love Described
A Lover's Tears   
by S. Hall Zilla    
"When lovers first meet...
Eye to eye, ..."
Love Described
Love is...   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Love is... it needs no words
It is in the stars, the flowers ..."
Love Described
Golden Light   
by John Kent    
"In the light of the evening star,
I see your face, a smile, ..."
Love Described
by Ella Kay    
"Never has a laugh
touched my heart, ..."
Love Described
The Joy of My Love   
by Mark Allen Watson    
"I feel a joy
I feel a wonderful joy ..."
Love Described
by Tgurl 2004    
"YOU make my world
Such a better place to be ..."
Love Described
Love Like Water   
by Christopher Jo Rice    
"Love is like an ever flowing river,
Coursing rapidly through my veins, ..."
Love Described
by Saint    
"Her eyes can shake the leaves down from a tree.
Her smile is the reason the blind man wants to see. ..."
Love Described
Irony Of Love   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Love is not a blinder,
It’s an eye-opener. ..."
Love Described
Breezy weather   
by Charles Vincent Reilly    
"Winds once were called by women's names
For they are like them, tempests, gales, and hurricanes, ..."
Love Described
These Things I Think Of   
by Chocolate Chips    
"If my bed were your embrace…
Wrapped tight around me ..."
Love Described
You Give Me Joy   
by Sarus .S    
"Fiery leaves,
of passion and forgone misery. ..."
Love Described
Coral Princess   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Coral pink, fragile
waxen skin ..."
Love Described
An Ode to Murphy   
by Erica Dawn Hopper    
"I saw my ex-boyfriend yesterday
my eyes were fixated on that boy ..."
Love Described
Through Hatred I Learnt Love   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Through defeat I learnt victory
Over the visible enemies of my soul ..."
Love Described
First Kiss   
by Katrina Amber Gray    
"Walking down these harsh halls unseen,
Treated like some unusual animal or being, ..."
Love Described
Love is in the air   
by Eurlantae    
"When Lovers meet, in a tender, warm embrace
And press and touch and hold each other tight; ..."
Love Described
by Victoria Danielle Benson    
"The words that flow so effortlessly
From your tongue ..."
Love Described
Naturally You   
by Bradley R Clarke    
"Like a warm sunny meadow,
With a softly cool breeze, ..."
Love Described
by Chris J. Davidson    
"Neither diamonds, nor rubies,
Nor gems, so rare, ..."
Love Described
The Smile in Her Eyes   
by Nick Ottea    
Into an endless tomorrow ..."
Love Described

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