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by Christi Richards    
"The eyes, once of love, now seemed filled with hate.
We scream rather than talk, it seems to me of late. ..."
The Pains of Love
My Secret Love   
by Kathryn Ruth Smith    
"I found him where I sought him
Our countenances, shining with the inner joy of true friends ..."
The Pains of Love
by Michelle Lynn O'Malley    
"I had a dream last night
I dreamt you were mine ..."
The Pains of Love
I Cry   
by Tatiana Bianca Cunningham    
"There have been times when I have wondered what I am to do,
And finding no answer to my questions, I CRY. ..."
The Pains of Love
by CHI-CHI    
The Pains of Love
Return My Heart   
by Kay Elaine Ekwall    
"Oh most vile of assasins,
You've waylaid my heart. ..."
The Pains of Love
love doesn't last forever   
by kristi k.    
"You said you loved me more than the stars in the skies
but, I know those were just lies. ..."
The Pains of Love
by Jason Molinary    
"When I woke up this morning
The sun, it was black ..."
The Pains of Love
For Neil   
by Fire Leo Princess    
"I guess you've been wondering
what's been on my mind. ..."
The Pains of Love
Broken Crystals   
by Inez A.    
"You left my heart full of broken crystals,
that can never be repaired, ..."
The Pains of Love
Unveiled (The Thief)   
by T A Sykes    
Depart! ..."
The Pains of Love
by Amber R    
"the rain washed away your last taste from my lips,
i try to reach for you, ..."
The Pains of Love
A Shore Thing   
by James Applin    
"Searching the sands for something new,
Far ahead, shards of moonlight, ..."
The Pains of Love
That Girl   
by Fatimah M Bahandari    
"I still sing along when they turn on the radio
but now it's only because I know itís something she did, ..."
The Pains of Love
The Name of my Sorrow   
by Steve Soskin    
"She, in all of her redundant glory
graciously allows me my sorrow ..."
The Pains of Love
Uattainable Desire   
by Amaya M Vaughn    
"He is my light, my dark
my joy, my pain ..."
The Pains of Love
I Loved the Gravedigger   
by Somkiat - M    
"Once I figured out she dealt with death
By slowly moving the spade up and down. ..."
The Pains of Love
No CoNtRoL   
by K. Ferguson    
" I can't control who you want.
It's up to you to choose. ..."
The Pains of Love
by Laura E Fitzpatrick    
"Good-bye, sweet everything,
I whisper as you walk out the door ..."
The Pains of Love
Truth for A Loved One   
by Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"I don't know the hurt,
the pain, the cries, ..."
The Pains of Love
Her Poem   
by Laura Ann Lewis    
"The poem was slowly comtemplated
Then casually written ..."
The Pains of Love
by John Seabrook    
"Gentle Love, speak to me with open candor,
Do not withhold the true feelings of your heart. ..."
The Pains of Love
I Slept a Year   
by Gary M. Ciaramella    
"I had a dream last night, my dear,
That I had slept a year... ..."
The Pains of Love
by Avery Robertson    
"You said it was the darkness
that surrounded me in the light; ..."
The Pains of Love

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