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by Stacy Renee Ondrik    
Love Remembered
If you see him   
by LadyofKnight    
"If you see him on some starry night
When the light from the moon is shining bright. ..."
Love Remembered
Paper Doll, Don't Cry For Me   
by Christi Richards    
"Paper doll, don't cry for me,
for this is the way is has to be. ..."
Love Remembered
The Amber in her Eyes   
by Joshua Louw    
"My Lady, when futures dare to fade
And you look on the past to forget your sorrow; ..."
Love Remembered
by Elena Klein    
"Will he know me when we meet again?
Expecting me to be as young as I was then? ..."
Love Remembered
What Is Love?   
by Kyle P Soler    
"Love is a bird in the air,
A song in the breeze. ..."
Love Remembered
It Hurts too Much   
by Patrick M. Klein    
"It hurts too much
To say that I've been missing you. ..."
Love Remembered
Remembering Your Smiles   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" Sitting alone in my chair,
remembering your smiles, ..."
Love Remembered
The Old Phonograph Plays   
by Miriam M. Wynn    
"If I could relive the times when
You and I were happy, ..."
Love Remembered
broken pieces   
by iyyah iyyah    
"i taste broken pieces
of your being everyday. ..."
Love Remembered
by Joshua Louw    
"I'll remember that I cherished
Your phantom form as my own ..."
Love Remembered
Another Hurt   
by Saint    
"Her waves of words crashed down upon my brow
with a steady chill ..."
Love Remembered
by Robert Louis Arehart    
" Who would I miss
if I didn't miss you? ..."
Love Remembered
by Joan Valerie Oreilly    
"He captivated my soul in sleep
His cello voice could make me weep ..."
Love Remembered
Better Half   
by Elizabeth Marie Chitwood    
"Up high in the mountains, a new tree grows
Beside a river, that continually flows ..."
Love Remembered
Evening's Sly Comings   
by Peter Walsh    
"Softly, softly does the night
Approach me all alone. ..."
Love Remembered
Kindred Spirit   
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"I met a kindred spirit once.
It's thoughts were so like mine. ..."
Love Remembered
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"Hot - is the hunger within my breast
Cold - is your temper to me ..."
Love Remembered
Life's Love Again   
by Peter Walsh    
"Yesterday’s mongering now gone
And earned idleness at hand, ..."
Love Remembered
by Kirstin Nicole Heagney    
"I thought,
maybe once or twice, ..."
Love Remembered
Have you forgotten?   
by Izabella Bogusz    
"Constantly you're cogitating,
obstinately and secretly. ..."
Love Remembered
A secret view   
by leigh richard denny    
"I found you sat amongst the crowd,
Within a moment spent alone, ..."
Love Remembered
Love's Reflections   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Love's reflections in a shady pond
Beneath swaying willows of memories ..."
Love Remembered
by L.B. Strawn    
"The fragrance of the roses
Borne on morning's mist ..."
Love Remembered

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