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by Krystle L T    
"I smile at you
You smile at me ..."
Love and Doubt
Scared To Give You My Heart   
by Kaylen Mitchell    
"I want to tell you how I feel,
But you might not feel the same, ..."
Love and Doubt
Don't Push Me   
by Anthony Joseph Lapadula    
"Games of love
And games of war ..."
Love and Doubt
by Christian Chinedu Duruji    
"You came to my eyes first,
And upon you they locked. ..."
Love and Doubt
Falling out of love   
by Nadira Presley    
"I'm starting to have
a wandering eye ..."
Love and Doubt
I see through it all   
by MEA    
"I see through your games, your tricks,
you tried to decieve me but I knew something wasn't right. ..."
Love and Doubt
If You Are   
by Danna    
"If you are a dream,
Then let me sleep, ..."
Love and Doubt
What if...   
by gabriela trevino    
"What if I had something on my mind,
would you sit down and listen? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Celia Darlene Reed    
"You’ve got me feeing down inside;
All these weird feelings, ..."
Love and Doubt
Think About It   
by Lady Suli    
"I can't sigh anymore.
I can't cry anymore. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Tom's Girl    
"My poem's about a guy,
Unique and sweet. ..."
Love and Doubt
What If?   
by JJ Smith    
"What if everything was ok?
What if I didn't throw it all away? ..."
Love and Doubt
Fake or True Love   
by Victoria Bautista    
"Am I in love or is it a fake.
Is this a dream, if so awake me. ..."
Love and Doubt
Would You Miss Me?   
by Amanda Bertinotti    
"If I died tomorrow
Would you miss me? ..."
Love and Doubt
Questions of the Heart   
by lorie ann hammond    
" I write all these things,
about the one I love... ..."
Love and Doubt
Is It Love?   
by Chris Smith    
"My heart feels so full of love;
yet, it is so empty. ..."
Love and Doubt
Holding on to my past   
by Susan Nichole Morphew    
"As I lie here tonight holding on to my past
letting go of my future ..."
Love and Doubt
They Say   
by Sara J. Jackson    
"They Say that if you love someone, you have to let them go.
They Say no matter how it hurts, you have to deal with no. ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You Understand   
by Katherine M    
"Do you understand the things I'm going through...
All the hopes and dreams that never come true? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Latasha Regina Johnson    
"How can your mind be so confused,
Caught up in between two loves? ..."
Love and Doubt
No Matter   
by Ervey Ramirez    
"I know you will be mad at me if I tell you this,
But it kills me inside if I don't, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Bug    
"I don't know what he sees in me,
If it's anything at all ..."
Love and Doubt
When you look at me   
by baby love me forever    
"When you look at me
What do you see? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lisa Hoffman    
"Soon again will be my birthday,
The wondering starts all over, ..."
Love and Doubt

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