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Who do you prefer?   
by Crystal . Anders    
"Do you love me, or do you have the hots for her?
Do you share your secrets with me, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Cynthia Lizeth Chavez    
"I just want to make you glad,
But instead I make you sad. ..."
Love and Doubt
by J. C. Myers    
"I cannot say I'll love you always,
This love might turn to sorrow, ..."
Love and Doubt
A question   
by Lindsay S. Gerlach    
"I didn't know how to start
when to end, I couldn't figure out ..."
Love and Doubt
One Love, But No Love?   
by Rachel M. Wilson    
"I sit up at night remembering
your face so bright. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"I will cherish every kiss,
savor each sweet breath ..."
Love and Doubt
Crazy Girl   
by Jared Haerterich    
"When I look at her,
I just can't see ..."
Love and Doubt
What You Do   
by Brittany Nicole Byrd    
"What you do is what you do,
I can't change you. ..."
Love and Doubt
by SEBeachy    
"There is really not much to say.
Words just seem to get in the way. ..."
Love and Doubt
what can i do   
by nicki o 9    
"What can i do when i am feeling so blue
I know that you love me, i know you mean it, too ..."
Love and Doubt
What Should I Do?   
by Heather Lynn Hanlon    
"I love my boyfriend,
but i think it might end. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Love I Thought I Knew   
by Nicole Ann Esposito    
"From the first time I met you,
I could think of nothing else. ..."
Love and Doubt
What Would YOU Do   
by Toni Jacqueline Mason    
"If You weren't Happy,
What would You do? ..."
Love and Doubt
I love you   
by Charlotte J. Anderson    
"You tell me you love me
but do you really know? ..."
Love and Doubt
You Say   
by KatieGirl    
"You say you love me, only you know the truth.
I know I should not give my heart, but I always do. ..."
Love and Doubt
undying love???   
by l e    
"Don't leave me alone, not tonight
because it's 'not' over. Just a little fight ..."
Love and Doubt
heart break   
by heather jean byrnes    
"you entered my life with no questions
but you left with so many ..."
Love and Doubt
by Fresita    
"I think I'm falling in love.
I didn't want it to happen. ..."
Love and Doubt
Let Me Know   
by Bridgette Marie Sowinski    
"I'm so confused and I don't know what to do.
I can't just keep waiting for you. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Melissa Lynn Mancha    
"Pretend we have no worries;
pretend we have no fears. ..."
Love and Doubt
Hidden Inside Me   
by Britni Christine Collins    
"No matter what I do
Iím always looking into his eyes ..."
Love and Doubt
by Blinkchick N Alford    
"When I look into
your eyes I lose myself ..."
Love and Doubt
by Steven Lee Chase    
"I love to look into
your big, blue eyes. ..."
Love and Doubt
In Your Eyes   
by Jami Sue Johnson    
Love and Doubt

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