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by S. R. C.    
"You say you miss me
but how so? ..."
Love and Doubt
Unspoken words   
by Brittany A.    
"The hurt, the anger, the frustration
when will it stop? ..."
Love and Doubt
A letter of love   
by Alyssa Michelle Ortega    
"Why hasn't he called? I think I know why.
but do I really know why? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lily Tchen    
"I'm afraid to look into your eyes,
Afraid that I'll get lost in them. ..."
Love and Doubt
My Special Dreams In Flight   
by Sarah Elizabeth Weigel    
"Hurt is hard to hide
Not easy to show ..."
Love and Doubt
Love Awaits   
by Nikki Magee    
"I wish it didn't have to be this way
Everyone telling me I should go, ..."
Love and Doubt
Will You Be There?   
by Twista    
"when there is no tomorrow
and i cry an endless river of tears ..."
Love and Doubt
My Soul   
by Gladys Azeneth Rodriguez-Olguin    
"After all of the stress,
Life gets to be too much. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Way We Were   
by Lisa Hoffman    
"You made me so happy and so proud,
And you I always talked about, ..."
Love and Doubt
Too Late   
by MaryRose Fiumefreddo    
"It's too late for me to unlove you.
It started without me even knowing it. ..."
Love and Doubt
Love to find   
by Loreena Skeyesblue    
"Why do some people fall in love?
So easy, some people make it seem ..."
Love and Doubt
by David T.P. Nguyen    
"I will compare you to an autumnís day,
The season of mists and tumbling of trees. ..."
Love and Doubt
by September    
"Do you really love me like you say you do?
I'm wondering are those words true ..."
Love and Doubt
I Can't Be Sure   
by Kendle Christman    
"Have you ever felt so confused,
where your heart is spinning, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Crystal J. Lee    
"Difference in character,
Difference in childhood, ..."
Love and Doubt
I Still Love You   
by Anita Joy Newman    
"Why do I miss you so much
Why do I want you ..."
Love and Doubt
we made a MISTAKE   
by Jade Salvatore    
"I love you so much and I always will
But we made a mistake ..."
Love and Doubt
by Melissa Yolanda Alvarado    
" Every night I say a prayer,
That you might come ..."
Love and Doubt
by Jackie Ann Zimmerman    
"The song was so true,
it explains my feelings for you. ..."
Love and Doubt
Wait For Me   
by Janet M. Gardiner    
"Thousands of souls
Are in the sky ..."
Love and Doubt
Little Black Rain Cloud   
by K. W. K.    
"She stays up high on her own little black rain cloud
Where she looks down and lays her drops below ..."
Love and Doubt
Unsure Love   
"Love between us, how alive, how great?
Finally a decision is made. Will I be your mate? ..."
Love and Doubt
Could this be heaven?   
by Luis A Martinez    
"Iím at a point where my mind is confused
Iíve been beaten up, thrown, cut and abused ..."
Love and Doubt
If I told you   
by Solimira Soledad    
"If I told you I loved you,
what would you say? ..."
Love and Doubt

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