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Fighting doubts   
by Chris Ten Joe    
"I pray thee, my love, be relieved
I will not have thee deceived ..."
Love and Doubt
The terrains of the heart and mind   
by Aurora Alsyanne Lightning    
" The terrains of the heart
are a plentiful mass of ..."
Love and Doubt
Trouble in Paradise   
by Frank James Morris    
"There's trouble in paradise, there's no more excitement, no more
sacrifice. What once was heaven has turned 2 hell, but what went ..."
Love and Doubt
Will it change anything?   
by Nicole Evans    
"If I tell him
how my life goes on after he's gone ..."
Love and Doubt
Would you dream of me?   
by Laura J Wilson    
"If you had only your thoughts.
If you had only a memory. ..."
Love and Doubt
Are You For Real?   
by Kacie Michelle Lawson    
"It started out me talking to you,
You gave me your number, and I gave you mine too. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Best...   
by Marina Ann Saldivar    
"Lying in the darkness,
Thinking of your touch... ..."
Love and Doubt
Am I?   
by Katrina L. Ordway    
"Am I doing the right thing, letting what I got go?
Am I going to want to call you, when I'm feeling low? ..."
Love and Doubt
I Know It Won't Stay   
by Akasha Sierra Hiler    
"You can hold me with your warm embrace
you can even keep your hands placed upon my face. ..."
Love and Doubt
What Do I Do?   
by Gena Marie Schwartz    
"What do I do
When my mind won't stop ..."
Love and Doubt
things to say...   
by Geovanni Garcia    
"Almost a year has gone by
i've been very happy for quite a time ..."
Love and Doubt
iS it LoVe?   
by Lil' prinCeSs O;*)    
"Confusion iS wat i really feel
i neVer want 2 hurt u ..."
Love and Doubt
The Strength of His Kiss....   
by Franchelle Claire AltaMirano    
"It takes so much talent,
so much effort... ..."
Love and Doubt
by Leah B. D'vora    
"My heart was once empty,
And you filled the space, ..."
Love and Doubt
Why Does It Feel This Way   
by The One With the Troubled Heart    
"Why does it feel like you are just playing with my emotion?
Why does it feel like you are falling out of love with me? ..."
Love and Doubt
My Secret Love...   
by Jacquelyn Anne Quinene    
"I met you so long ago,
but up until now ..."
Love and Doubt
Are You The One For Me?   
by Megan Marie Marie    
"Are you the one I truly love?
I often ask the man above ..."
Love and Doubt
by Vanessa Korlene Wallace    
"Blinded by the confusion, over which I have no control,
every harsh word damages my soul. ..."
Love and Doubt
Faint Whispers   
by Steven Michael Edwards II    
"There are faint voices whispering to me
In the back of my head, ..."
Love and Doubt
You Say You Love Me   
by Amanda C.    
"I say i love you
and you say you love me back. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Megan Nicole Smith    
" I feel stupid
I feel lonely ..."
Love and Doubt
What Will You Feel Tomorrow?   
by Boris Boki Radickovic    
"When one day all these moments pass,
When the joy gets replaced by pain, ..."
Love and Doubt
Where did your love go   
by me me me    
"Where did your love go?
What happened to the four letter word you used to say to me? ..."
Love and Doubt
Way to Your Heart   
by Amber K Gurke    
"So many times tears have fallen from my eyes,
I hold you so close to me and wonder why... ..."
Love and Doubt

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