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by Tearless    
"Can a love survive through different schools?
Or are these two hearts just being fools? ..."
Love and Doubt
Wondering About You   
by Yuri Diaz    
"Do you ever wonder why we didn't last?
I do. ..."
Love and Doubt
by kevin coy    
"I had a dream last night,
and to my suprise, we got in a fight. ..."
Love and Doubt
I know I love you!   
by Jennifer Michelle Cox    
"I feel so close,
but I'm so far away, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Sarah L.    
Love and Doubt
Starless Night   
by Nobody's Angel    
"I look at my sky, it is dark and starless.
It is something I donít want to face. ..."
Love and Doubt
by sketch Tyler kutz    
" I do not fall in love so easy,
I don't even know how it feels ..."
Love and Doubt
Why didn't you ask?   
by Lissa Diane Thomson    
"You had the chance,
the moment was right, ..."
Love and Doubt
Maybe It's Time I Let You Go   
by Ash    
"So, why can't you make up your mind?
Why are you sitting around acting like you're blind? ..."
Love and Doubt
Why Do You Want Me To Stay?   
by Cheryl Bowers    
"You say you don't want me to go,
but why do you want me to stay? ..."
Love and Doubt
real love   
by jaren wesley mitchelle    
what is love? ..."
Love and Doubt
I sit alone   
by sean daniel duffell    
"I sit alone cold and numb
wondering why you,re there and I'm here ..."
Love and Doubt
Which Path?   
by Sevanah Nichole Johnson    
"Which path next?
i just don't know ..."
Love and Doubt
Dying Inside   
by Mary Lee Jones    
"Your stares are so cold, they freeze me deep down inside.
They make me feel scared and alone, but my fears I cannot hide. ..."
Love and Doubt
Can We Fit it Back Together?   
by Dani De Pinto    
"I think our love is floating away.
I only wish it could stay. ..."
Love and Doubt
what's it about??   
by Britni Christine Collins    
"For so long I have had my doubts
What was our relationship really about ..."
Love and Doubt
Promise Me   
by Ken M Ackerman    
"Passion is the beginning
Of every happy couple, ..."
Love and Doubt
Do you love me?   
by JudyInDaSky    
"Why do I always cry when I think about our future?
Why is it I am not completely satisfied? ..."
Love and Doubt
Does he really like me?   
by Sarah Lynn Foote    
"I really like him,
He says he likes me back. ..."
Love and Doubt
if i close my eyes   
by Joe J Tryonas    
"One thing I know for sure- if you go this time, I know
our love isn't pure. So you won't be coming back- 'cause I thought ..."
Love and Doubt
I Hate You   
by Debra Ross Lopez    
"I hate you for being so kind
Always knowing whatís on my mind ..."
Love and Doubt
Torn between 2   
by Someone who loves    
"he is handsome; so is he
he's witty; so is he ..."
Love and Doubt
Could it Be You?   
by Amanda aka LiLHaZ    
"Could it be what i think it might be?
Could it be what i hope it could be? ..."
Love and Doubt
You Say   
by Lindsay Elaine Penn    
"You say you see the stars when you look into my eyes.
But, I don't know what you see, it comes as a big surprise. ..."
Love and Doubt

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