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Valentine's Day   
by Shannon Leigh Cates    
"Roses and flowers, candy and hearts,
the day to be with the one you love. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's day   
by Nessie Light    
"Cupid is supposed to come
And the lucky one ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Valentine   
by Matthew Alan Schug    
"My heart remains with you,
With all we have been through. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Missing You On Valentines Day   
by S. E. Hale    
"I'm going to tell you how I feel.
I hope that you will listen. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Be My Valentine   
by Kim McMillan    
"Beside you is where I want to be,
Each day till the end of time. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Life With You   
by Joey Alan Slaughter    
"My life with you is so sweet and true,
I thank the Lord that I have found you, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Valentine's Poem...   
by Candace Fontyn    
"You are my heart
You are my soul ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
valentine's day   
by joshua lee stearman    
"Again on Valentine's day I stand alone
with no one to kiss or hold ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
The Things you do (that drive me crazy)   
by Josh Eric Evans    
"The way you do your hair ooooh....It drives me crazy!
the way you walk down the street ooooh....It drives me crazy! ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Shavonna Lynn Truitt    
" If I had a valentine he would be so fine and I would be with him
all the time. We would share all of our heart's secrets with each ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
No Love   
by Gerald Lee Merritt III    
" Well it's Valentine's Day,
yet I'm still alone, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's Day   
by Nina Sophia Fong    
"Every second girl
Walking past, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by John P, Shamelesss    
"Roses are red, violets are blue,
but none seem to bloom as bright as you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
You Reap What You Sew   
by Denise M Valentine    
" You reap what you sew
you build and you blow ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by justin duijkers    
"Love is just so grand
When me and you walk hand in hand. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
The love a stranger   
by Tantanisha Marie White    
"The love of a stranger is a love like no other
A stranger can love you, care for you ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Valentine   
by Madhulika B.    
"The more I resist, more I get into this,
Your mystifying love is like a bliss. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Knight's Love Promise   
"You know we live in a world
Full of uncertainty, surprises & pain... ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Why I Love You.   
by Kristie Louise JuStAgIrL    
"I Love You...For the person that you are, and what you want to be.
I Love You...For everything you have ever said, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
When I First Saw You   
by Esmeralda Soto    
"When I walked into the room,
Valentine's Day Poems
by Bradley Edward Tholin    
"Roses are red
violets are blue ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
All The Time   
by Shannon Elizabeth Crose    
"All the time in the world
Goes by so fast and I wanna ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Trinity Angel    
"I think I'm going crazy
I wish I could explain ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Gerald Lee Merritt III    
" Happy Valentine's Day,
Valentine's Day Poems

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