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by Cecil Vernon Crumrine, Jr.    
"I marvel at the genius
of the lowly spider ..."
Love Remembered
That first date, long ago . . .   
by Johnnie    
"You sat so casual, serenely comfortable,
in the spacious seat of my Fiero, ..."
Love Remembered
in that great land   
by iyyah iyyah    
"I left my heart in the bosom
of earth's evergreens and streams, ..."
Love Remembered
by A. Nicholas Martin    
"During my walk with myself...
I saw a heron glide into the water; ..."
Love Remembered
As a Whisper In The Wind   
by Solimira Soledad    
"I heard your voice as a whisper in the wind;
I almost didn't hear it at all... ..."
Love Remembered
Remember When   
by Kay Elaine Ekwall    
"I turn the page,
Crisp, brown petals ..."
Love Remembered
Dream Within   
by Kay Lynne Lodato    
"To my love,
I close my eyes and I see our special place ..."
Love Remembered
I Never Really Let You Go   
by Mike in FL    
"I think about you often,
The life we almost had, ..."
Love Remembered
Whispered - Not Yet   
by Dr.Who3    
" Dreams,
like syrup, ..."
Love Remembered
Lying next to beauty   
by Jeffrey Scott Kurfess    
"Lying next to beauty with the moonlight on her skin
I was lost inside a lover as the walls were caving in ..."
Love Remembered
Daisies in your hair   
by Austin Frank Bacchus    
"Perhaps in another time,
I would have truly fought with steel ..."
Love Remembered
Melted Roses   
by Michael David Coffey    
"Melted roses on a marble top
Red wax lava, frozen ..."
Love Remembered
Stay Awhile   
by Robert Ray Walker    
"Raindrops beat down on an old tin roof
Jaybirds sing in the morning sky ..."
Love Remembered
by Peter William Stamp    
"Remember the love, the passion and care
All given for you and with you they’ll stay ..."
Love Remembered
I wanted to   
by Amy Faith LaNoce    
"I wanted to write a poem for you
But couldn't rhyme the words ..."
Love Remembered
Full Circle   
by Zahra Faisal Asghar    
"Each day circles in constant motion,
unrested and hurried rounds of commotion, ..."
Love Remembered
Help me Find the Love   
by Amber Irene Hansen    
"Bent over and crippled I sit in my chair.
Old and antique with soft silver hair. ..."
Love Remembered
Do you think of me?   
by Rohan H.B Khan    
"Do you think of me when it is late,
wondering... is this fate? ..."
Love Remembered
For Yesterday   
by Angela Capobianco    
"If time heals all wounds...
Then why, after all this time, does my body still ache ..."
Love Remembered
by NLT    
"We plant flowers
as we go through life. ..."
Love Remembered
by Airell Chris Baldoza Fernandez    
"I will always treasure the moments
You and I have shared together ..."
Love Remembered
I'll Miss You, Goodbye   
by Renee Lynn Gill    
"You were once my saving grace
When the outside world was unforgiving. ..."
Love Remembered
Sacred Places   
by Kay Elaine Ekwall    
"As light as the softest whisper
Evening stars spill ..."
Love Remembered
Love Song   
by Patricia Ann Merrill    
"When did it happen? This feeling of a million daffodils
dancing yellow in the field of my dreams, underneath a sky so blue! ..."
Love Remembered

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