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Autumn In My Heart   
by Michael Anthony Furtado    
"There’s an autumn in my heart.
Leaves are tumbling down the hills ..."
Love Apart
Empty Spring   
by Victor S. Travis Jr.    
"The day's now longer than the night.
I sense that Spring is near. ..."
Love Apart
The Answer   
by Arthur Douglas Cloninger    
" When the golden hues of sunset
Sink into the sea, ..."
Love Apart
Missing You   
by John E Firhill    
"Missing, longing, waiting, yearning
Waves of passion gushing, churning ..."
Love Apart
The Gift of Ones Heart   
by Penny Leigh Engel    
"It is for you... that I would do anything
For you have captured my heart... ..."
Love Apart
by John Seabrook    
"My mind goes blank sometimes as I search for words to say.
For it's of great import to say them in a very clear way. ..."
Love Apart
by C. Roberts    
" Somewhere, the sun rises,
and in my mind I see you beside me. ..."
Love Apart
You and I   
by Bill    
"You look but cannot see me,
You listen but cannot hear, ..."
Love Apart
The Love We Share   
by Loyce Lorree Husky    
" I want to see you standing
in the moonlight, late one night. ..."
Love Apart
Autumn Mists   
by Eurlantae    
"Autumn mists and tones of gold
That mix emotion with a sense of mold. ..."
Love Apart
by Doug Roberson    
"every moment is spent in dreams
now, for me, life only means ..."
Love Apart
by Elizabeth Higgins    
"I can't see you
I can't smell you ..."
Love Apart
When You're Away   
by K. W. K.    
"Clouds linger on through the blanket of blue
Patches of sun rays seep on through ..."
Love Apart
Dreams Make Me Fly   
by Avery Robertson    
"In my dreams
we soared to the stars ..."
Love Apart
Somewhere You Are Dancing   
by Ε§΅επί    
"the night feels heavy,
the stars are few.... ..."
Love Apart

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