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let your guard down   
by Tiffany Jacobs Jacobs    
"it seems as though your heart will never heal
you keep putting your guard up, hiding behind that shield ..."
Love and Doubt
by Sherree Octavia Sherree    
"You make my heart sing
The only reason why I breathe ..."
Love and Doubt
For all my brothers in uncertain love...   
by Corwin Corey Amber    
"The love you feel;
the pain you endure ..."
Love and Doubt
Why won't you say how you really feel?   
by Mandy may Ennis    
"I'm so in love with you
night and day, i drink you, eat you, sleep you ..."
Love and Doubt
What May Have Been   
by Brandon Van Ho    
"I Sit In Class
Wonder If It Could Last ..."
Love and Doubt
Does She Really Love Me   
by Hector Javier Ponce    
"How can this be happening?
She tells me she loves me ..."
Love and Doubt
The Test   
by steven gilligan    
"I suppose that telling you what I thought might explain things,
Although I'm not sure if you'll understand. ..."
Love and Doubt
I Wonder   
by Michelle Majalca    
"I wonder,
How long will we last? ..."
Love and Doubt
What Happened?   
by Benny Joseph Bj Laiacona    
"We used talk about everything,
About our dreams and what life would bring. ..."
Love and Doubt
Just Tell Me!   
by Amie I. Garcia    
" I don't know what to say.
When I see you all I can say is "Hey". ..."
Love and Doubt
The Word Love   
by Jennifer Ann Aughtman    
"I laid my heart to rest one cold day,
When I decided his love held to much pain. ..."
Love and Doubt
Do I?   
by Yadira Hernandez    
"My life is full of messed up feelings
Never thought this would happen to me. ..."
Love and Doubt
Your Ex   
by Elizabeth Leigh Friend    
"She will always be the one
Whom I strive to become. ..."
Love and Doubt
If I Could   
by samra omazic    
"If I could, I would bring down
all the stars in the sky ..."
Love and Doubt
just pretend   
by stef smith    
" Just pretend we never died,
Just pretend I never cried. ..."
Love and Doubt
by LarLar5284    
"I have so many emotions inside,
lately they've been hard to hide. ..."
Love and Doubt
by aileen mariattherisa christina ava vacaro    
"i wonder why you
look at me the way you do ..."
Love and Doubt
Ready to Leap   
by Nicole Everson    
" Standing atop the pedistal
the brilliant white droplets caress my face ..."
Love and Doubt
by Tigger    
"How do I feel?
Good question, ..."
Love and Doubt
Give Me Time   
by Alicia Garrett    
"I want to trust you - for example -
The other night when you were here ..."
Love and Doubt
Un Sober Love   
by Sarah Conerly Luce    
"He calls again.
It is the same old story. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Michelle Lynn Neiberger    
"I do not want to say good bye
For when I do, a piece of me dies ..."
Love and Doubt
If He Only Knew   
by tina gregorio    
"I love him so much. I just want to be with him forever.
No matter what I do, I just can't stop my feelings for him. ..."
Love and Doubt
Questions i ask myself   
by melanie elizabeth scott    
"why does everyone not like me?
why does everyone pick on me? ..."
Love and Doubt

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