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Broken Promises   
by Tyffani Smith    
"You know I would love you to be my "Summer Rain,"
But it seems all you like to do is cause me pain. ..."
Love and Doubt
Here then Gone   
by Maranda gale martin    
"Here then gone
Why don't you stay ..."
Love and Doubt
Hard Love on the Rocks   
by Cloe Lynn Davin    
"Do I have the will to survive,
Bite back the tears and swallow my pride? ..."
Love and Doubt
by KCP    
"I have always had dreams of prince charming
He always came riding his horse ..."
Love and Doubt
Make Up Your Mind   
by Lisa Marie Phipps    
"Things you do amaze me lately.
Do I know you? ..."
Love and Doubt
Two Paths   
by K R    
"You smile when you see me...
Then frown, when someone says my name. ..."
Love and Doubt
Last Kiss From You   
by linda cisneros    
"Every time you kiss me
I think will this be the last time ..."
Love and Doubt
What do you say?   
by Airyn Nikole Leatherwood    
"What do you say when your heart beats too fast?
Or when you think the breath you take might be your last? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Amanda D Blakely    
" I am so confused about us
You say that you love me so much ..."
Love and Doubt
Please write.....   
by jennifer i love you dee    
" For many days, I have not heard from you,
My love, just a single word; ..."
Love and Doubt
Please Tell Me Soon   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"Tell me that you love me
But tell me like you mean it ..."
Love and Doubt
You're The Reason I'm Alive   
by I Y B    
"As I lie here in bed
With a knife in my hand ..."
Love and Doubt
let me live   
by Arthur James P    
"tell the truth, do u love me?
cuz i know that i love you. ..."
Love and Doubt
Can't Make up my Mind!   
by Melissa Harvey    
"I wish I knew what I wanted...
I wish I knew how I felt ..."
Love and Doubt
Only through these eyes   
by Living This Lie    
"Only through her eyes can you see the pain she is in
Only through her eyes can you see the tears she cries ..."
Love and Doubt
by Stephanie Therese Wilson    
"Is this true?
Is it real? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Erica Suto    
"Sometimes... I feel like I can't go on
Love and Doubt
I Lost My Faith In Love   
by Daniel Lazarus Garcia    
"I've lost my Faith in Love and this I can openly admit.
My heart has been through so much Iíd rather just quit, ..."
Love and Doubt
Does Your Love Need Cash   
by Barbie    
"when you're the lock and i'm the key
we open up a whole new world inside of me ..."
Love and Doubt
by Deanna Salaz    
Love and Doubt
In Those Eyes   
by Ivelisse Marrero    
"In those eyes
I see signs ..."
Love and Doubt
Scared of Gettin Too Close   
by Kailey Shirley    
"I'm so scared to get close again...
I'm so scared to trust, ..."
Love and Doubt
I Burn   
by Katherine E Keesler    
"You must think Iíve never known happiness
the way I throw my saltwater gaze downward ..."
Love and Doubt
by Katherine E Keesler    
"I canít do this much longer...
Truth is, Iíve been floundering ..."
Love and Doubt

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