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It Is Still Love?   
by Jennifer Stanley    
"I donít know why
I got mad at you the other day. ..."
Love and Doubt
You Love Me, I Think   
by Lovenia Aka Twinee ~onE~    
"I have this feeling...
If you had time it would be revealing. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Debbie    
"Can he feel me at this moment?
And is he surprised to find ..."
Love and Doubt
One Day   
by Jackie R. Mannen    
"People change
And I know that ..."
Love and Doubt
One Chance   
by Valerie Jane Presley    
"All I ever wanted was just one chance,
One chance to prove my love true, ..."
Love and Doubt
You Say You Love Me   
by Gina Murray    
"You say you love me but then you make me cry
You tell me we'll never part ..."
Love and Doubt
A Sign   
by Tyler R Converse    
"Give me a sign
Should I let you know? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Marvin Vincent Solomon    
Love and Doubt
The Right Words   
by Hilary Anne    
"I hear your words of love
But, are they really meant ..."
Love and Doubt
I Used to Believe   
by K M L    
"I used to believe there was one perfect mate
In this earth so wide and far ..."
Love and Doubt
Clear the Past; See the Future   
by Valerie A Friedl    
"Wish I could make you see this love isn't fake,
But I've seen all the past heart break, ..."
Love and Doubt
Heart or Mind   
by Aaron Michael Smith    
"The mind is smart
But true happiness ..."
Love and Doubt
by T. Bonnie Bissoon    
I am afraid of losing you. ..."
Love and Doubt
by HeartBreaker085    
"I'm scared to get to close to you
Because of what I've heard ..."
Love and Doubt
The first rose of summer   
by Heather Nightengale    
"The first rose of the summer
is the most perfect of them all. ..."
Love and Doubt
I Don't   
by Myshelle Dudley    
"When you tell me you love me,
I believe you. ..."
Love and Doubt
Don't Know Why   
by Elizabeth Gomez    
"Don't feel that you love me
Don't feel you appreciate me ..."
Love and Doubt
by sandy cohen    
"look in a mirror; tell me what you see
do you see you, or what you wish to be ..."
Love and Doubt
Don't Make Me Guess Anymore   
by Britney G Winkelman    
"We started off as friends,
But to me it was more... ..."
Love and Doubt
by alexander alexis duque    
"Would you show me love with a kiss and a hug?
Then after that I won't bug. ..."
Love and Doubt
Not Understanding   
by Tiffani marie Clark    
"The stuff you've been saying lately
has really made sense in a way ..."
Love and Doubt
Nothing More To Fear   
by Charles Reade Zachritz III    
"I know it's hard
For you to move on ..."
Love and Doubt
by Jocelyn Clare McMahon    
"If I stood before you and asked your name
would you treat it like a game? ..."
Love and Doubt
Promise Me   
by Barbara *Barbi* Michelle Myers    
"Promise me...
You will always be there, ..."
Love and Doubt

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