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Untitled III   
by Tonya Lynn Johnson    
"I don't think you understand!
Love and Doubt
Your Eyes   
by Kelly Ferguson    
"Why do you only see the world through your eyes?
Why cant you look through mine? ..."
Love and Doubt
Dead Inside   
by Kevin G. Garcia    
"No longer can i breathe
No longer can i see ..."
Love and Doubt
Promise me................   
by Sandy Liu Phung    
"Do you really love me?
Deep inside me, I do, but I don't know about you, ..."
Love and Doubt
Why me   
by Carla Joe Hartley    
" Why am I the one you think of
Why Me ..."
Love and Doubt
by Lisa M    
"I wish I could tell you how I really feel.
I wish I could tell you my love for you is real. ..."
Love and Doubt
If Only Once   
by PJ Boden    
"When I say I love you, it's embarrassing
When I hold you, it's never returned ..."
Love and Doubt
Identify Yourself   
by Journey    
"Promises of love you told me you were willing to give
Throughout this love affair you have promised me ..."
Love and Doubt
Love and Doubt
Questioning my love...   
by R. A. Anonymous    
"If I had it all to do over again,
I don't know what I would do... ..."
Love and Doubt
by Dawn Marie Clark    
"the leaves are changing colors,
falling dead to the ground, ..."
Love and Doubt
Heart Breaker   
by Emily Suzzanne Mcclintic    
" Scared of my future
hurt by my past ..."
Love and Doubt
Can't Let Go   
by Jennifer Chaplin    
"This past time I have had something to fear
Of losing someone that to me is very dear ..."
Love and Doubt
All My fears   
by Linsey Colvin    
"I sit here alone in the dark.
Outside in the cold park. ..."
Love and Doubt
Still Goes On & On   
by Shari Nicki Huffmann    
"All the songs I had told you
You should by now know ..."
Love and Doubt
Jenna's Song   
by Brodie Thomas Pierce    
"I have the strangest dream Jenna, my dear:
I'm standing close and holding you near. ..."
Love and Doubt
what happened?   
by Tini Spider    
"These past few months,
Now that you’re back in my life, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Shaunte' Yowell    
"Where have you gone?
Your voice keeps playing ..."
Love and Doubt
Where's My Bear?   
by Kirsten Shawn Parker    
"I don't think about you every day
I never loved you, anyway ..."
Love and Doubt
Missing Pieces   
by Jennifer Rose Eggers    
"No one sees the pain in me
So why not just let it be ..."
Love and Doubt
by Diva Mendes BabyGurl_Mami    
"You hold me in your arms,
you softly kiss my neck ..."
Love and Doubt
by Ice Princess    
"The raging fire is your lips
your eyes, the ocean deep ..."
Love and Doubt
darling u   
by Ruchita Chand    
"Darling ...
what else can i do without you ..."
Love and Doubt
by Richard Bernard Phillips    
" Give and take, Is marriage today
such a big mistake? I take, You ..."
Love and Doubt

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