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Adam and Eve   
by JuStAgIrL    
"When I feel so cold,
And my heart's worth is of nothing ..."
The Power of Love
by Poetic Always    
"A woman leaves me much in awe,
Like nature's spring and winters thaw. ..."
The Power of Love
By The Lake   
by Fire Dancer    
"Under the moonlight the lake was still as glass.
Reflections, like a portrait mirrored in the darkness. ..."
The Power of Love
To Know Love   
by Saint    
"Rose pedals cover her breasts in a sunset's shadow
While keeping innocence lurking beneath fragrant crimson. ..."
The Power of Love
I Did It!!   
by Robert Louis Arehart    
"Say there, I've just done it!
Can't you tell it's so? ..."
The Power of Love
by Stephen John Keating    
"Will my face be warmed by the brush of sunlight,
will my cheek be touched with the caress of dew, ..."
The Power of Love
Once Upon This Day   
by stardreamer*    
"I came across a lock and key;
Within a prize worth waiting for. ..."
The Power of Love
by Hilary Anne    
"Innocent eyes of a child
The Power of Love
A Picture Of Us   
by James L. MickeyPigKnuckles    
"Through my words of poetry, I want to paint,
A Picture Of Us. ..."
The Power of Love
I Love You More Than Love   
by James L. McHenry    
"It is impossible to capture in words
the feelings I have for you ..."
The Power of Love
Your Eyes Shine A Rainbow   
by Tehreem    
"Your eyes shine a rainbow
Into my torment ..."
The Power of Love
You Melt Me   
by Imogen Ellis Smith    
"Why am I not afraid of your perfection?
I did not seek for it, ..."
The Power of Love
Sonnet #7   
by M. Douglas Hoss    
"You have wept inside, so long, for a love
and joy that wrings those tears no man conjures ..."
The Power of Love
Love Confirmed   
by C. L. Moylan    
"On a cloud whisped wind
Your words of love ..."
The Power of Love
Love is a Storm   
by Charles R Walling    
"As the thunder cracks,
it echoes the sound of my heart when I see you ..."
The Power of Love
Safe With You   
by Lydia Conchita Nobel    
"Iím captured by my own prison of fear.
Looking through a window of uncertainty, ..."
The Power of Love
by Pablo Eduardo Escobar    
The Power of Love
Forever Yours   
by Sarah E. Shepherd    
"Your love overwhelms
the velvety depths of my inner soul ..."
The Power of Love
Airis -- My Love   
by Richelle Claudette Smith    
"Airis, your presence is a gift to me and the world.
You're unique and one of a kind. ..."
The Power of Love
I Am the Ember   
by Lance Anthony Grabmiller    
"I am the ember that burns- assured,
Not with the fervor of the fireworks lights. ..."
The Power of Love
by Len Kelly    
"You ask me if I love you
And I know not ..."
The Power of Love
This Gift I Give   
by William Mae    
"Touch me with your eyes,
Caress me with your look, ..."
The Power of Love
Darks of Love   
by Joshua Hazel Delphine    
"I stood in majesty, proud and strong.
I held out my hand into the empty universe. ..."
The Power of Love
The Oak Tree   
by T.B.    
"I count the tables. She counts the trees.
I tell stories. She speaks of everything she sees. ..."
The Power of Love

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