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A Rose I Read   
by Anonymous_Xo    
"Roses are read
To show what is true. ..."
Love Described
by David Fronius    
"you are sea
as I am land ..."
Love Described
Loving You   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Love is about learning and growing
Sharing things in the unity of our hearts ..."
Love Described
IF I WERE...   
by Sarah L.    
Love Described
The Prism of the Night   
by Cary W. Tucker    
"She was a prism of the night
Of rainbows cast from moonlit skies, ..."
Love Described
The sweet thing called "love".   
by Christina Andersson    
"I want to go for what my mind says,
...but I canīt. ..."
Love Described
Without You   
by Namrata Gupta    
"Life without You is like:
A rose without fragrance, ..."
Love Described
Sand and Blue Skies   
by Steve Soskin    
"Just a hint of soft azure radiates from within
As I melt under your loving gaze ..."
Love Described
Sonnet: Walking on a Midwinter's Morning   
by Joshua Louw    
"Once, walking on a midwinter's morning
I spied two lovers in a brilliant glow ..."
Love Described
I love you   
by Alan S. Thomson    
"I just want to tell you...
I love you. ..."
Love Described
Master of My Thoughts   
by Stephen Babcock    
"For you, My Beloved,
are the master of my thoughts... ..."
Love Described
Wink Of An Angel   
by Johnna Marie Puckett    
"A touch of heaven
Is in your smile ..."
Love Described
Love Recognized   
by david allen goodwin    
"Take all the sand on every beach
and put it in an hourglass, ..."
Love Described
by R. Bertone    
"A seed was watched
from above, ..."
Love Described
by Stephen Babcock    
""Who is she?", they ask,
...she is my soul's perfect mate, my body's passionate lover ..."
Love Described
Love is Just an Illusion   
by Patrick M. Klein    
"Love is just an illusion
That plays in your mind ..."
Love Described
Prelude of Time   
by Steve Soskin    
"Time cycles us upon its endless track
searching for completion and fulfillment ..."
Love Described
Slave to the Soul   
by TDO    
"I wanted just to be with her, to sit and talk alone
I hoped to take her hand in mine, and hoped a love would grow ..."
Love Described
Love is Better Than French Fries   
by Elizabeth Thompson    
"Love never dies.
Love is looking into your eyes. ..."
Love Described
That Feeling   
by dissolved girl    
"There's a sense of urgency you get,
Sometimes, ..."
Love Described
by Wrigley    
"In the distance of the near, twirling wind;
beyond my reach, but within my grasp. ..."
Love Described
Playing Bali   
by Jemille Ronda Hardy    
"On this cool western night
I hear gamelon chimes ..."
Love Described
when i look into your eyes   
by steve randal johnson    
"when i look into your eyes...
i can see something that says forever ..."
Love Described
by Steve Soskin    
"You have impacted my life with your sensuality
My joy has been fed by your laughter ..."
Love Described

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