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My Valentine   
by Jessica Ann Jacob    
"Well, Valentine's Day is on its way
So I thought I would stop and say ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
I'm in Love With You   
by Tana Sue Hinsky    
"My heart is bound to you
My dreams have all come true ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Coming Home   
by Alyssa Anne Vitry    
"You said you'd be coming home.
On the paper, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
inside my head   
by Daniel Luke k    
"I never said
a word to you, ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
A Verse for My Love   
by Sandeep Verma    
"As time passed on, slowly it grew,
So strong it was I never knew. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Broken Heart   
by Jessica L.    
"he broke my heart
when i heard that he didn't care ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Will you be my Valentine   
by Mike Woods    
"From the first light of dawn
on into the darkest depths of night ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Thinking Of You   
by Kiss Martinez    
"The skies are blue;
I am thinking of you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Our first kiss on Valentine's day   
by Elizabeth Delao    
"It all happened so quickly,
the world must have shook. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Happy Valentine's Day   
by Jennifer Heynen    
"This is a day of trust and love
I'll offer you the stars above. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Without You   
by Jen Hitz    
"Without you, i would smile,
but not inside. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Thinking of You on Valentine's Day!   
by Rach Boyer    
"Valentine's Day is a time for the special gift of love,
Given to us from the great God above. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by jheanelle elizabeth dewar    
"Meant to last...
I promise I'll always love you and be here with you. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Valentine's Day   
by Pamela Audrey Daranjo    
"The arrow strikes the heart
Never to be torn apart ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Always and Forever   
by Kim Hine    
"A* Always and forever this
L* Love will be. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Lindsey Marie    
Valentine's Day Poems
What is Love?   
by Snowflake Snowflake    
""What is love?" I ask you.
You say, "Itís only two." ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Pressed Between A Page   
by Marlene Million    
"Rose petals,
dripping with dew ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Definitions For February 14th   
by Albert (aka: Al) William Beck    
"Valentines and hearts, by some strained tradition,
Seem to be expressed in the same rigid edition. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
by Manoucheca Beaubrun    
"After all the guys who played me.
Walking up to me like- like they knew me. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
My Love For You   
by Boris Boki Radickovic    
"My love for you is a fountain,
Pure like a bird's song. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
To The One I Love   
by Victor Anthony Tamayo    
Valentine's Day Poems
Love In February   
by Bonnie BABZ Brear    
"Love is in the air
people all around are showing they care! ..."
Valentine's Day Poems
Invisible Valentine   
by Jorge Campos    
"Every year Valentine's Day
comes and goes for me. ..."
Valentine's Day Poems

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