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by Daniel Lazarus Garcia    
Love and Doubt
Am I falling in love?   
by Cherrice B    
"When I hear your voice
It sounds like the whole world cheering for me ..."
Love and Doubt
Doubt Me   
by Little Dreamer Martinez    
"Don't ever doubt me, I'll forever stay true
If you doubt me, there's no telling what I'd do. ..."
Love and Doubt
Feelings From The Heart   
by Stephanie Marie Rodriguez    
"I love the way you make me feel
The way you take me in your arms and hold me ..."
Love and Doubt
Ocean of Heart Break   
by Jackie Ann Zimmerman    
"I'm drowning in my own bad luck
an ocean of pain, swelling around me ..."
Love and Doubt
I Don't Understand   
by Cassandra Leigh Hardeman    
"You care for her
But you care for me, too ..."
Love and Doubt
A Love forever   
by melissa amber colon    
"There was a song in my room i wanted you to hear.
It had colors, rythums and a story most dear. ..."
Love and Doubt
by sean kenith bradford    
"sitting here trying to find out why you aren't with me
when i walk down the street and see other couples holding each other ..."
Love and Doubt
by Gina Murray    
"I've never let myself be emotional
Especially over some silly guy ..."
Love and Doubt
Broken promises   
by sarah elizabeth Beaman    
"You make promises to me
As if you really mean them, ..."
Love and Doubt
How Do You Let Go Of Love?   
by Selena Rae    
"She goes through the motions
of her every day life ..."
Love and Doubt
She Still Has A Part Of You   
by Danielle Octavia Canty    
"She still has a part of u
Love and Doubt
by taylor    
"You ask me if I love you;
I don't know what to say. ..."
Love and Doubt
Late at night   
by Steven Patrick    
"Late at night it all hits me
I lay and think of where I want to be ..."
Love and Doubt
The Real Deal   
by Trishell Marie Bardwell    
"It was never anything real...
But what about all this love I feel? ..."
Love and Doubt
Don't Disguise Your Love...   
by Beth M.    
"My eyes
see through ..."
Love and Doubt
Did you??   
by Ruth Llarenas Pama    
"Promises were all I heard
Not one was even kept ..."
Love and Doubt
The Sense   
by CrimsonBrian    
"I know itís coming,
a train of misery ..."
Love and Doubt
Tomorrow or Yesterday   
by Le'Condra Quo'Shrytris Gibbs    
"Today... I wanna love you but I think I should save it for tomorrow
If I wait till then, then you'll never know ..."
Love and Doubt
The Ocean   
by Shirley Anne Velazquez    
" As I look up at the sky so blue
and look down at the ocean so green ..."
Love and Doubt
I Don't Know   
by Kyria Kachet Bell    
"The reason I love you
Is still unknown to me. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Kathy L. Rivera    
"Why do u lie to me?
Why do u pretend to care? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Amanda L. Garver    
"Sometimes I hide
from what I feel, ..."
Love and Doubt
How do I know?   
by Heather LeeAnn Capuano    
"How do I know if your love is true?
Will you tell me, or will I have to ask you? ..."
Love and Doubt

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