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My Kiss in the Wind   
by Solimira Soledad    
"Walking slowly amidst the falling Autumn leaves,
I think of you in that strange land- so dry, ..."
Love Apart
A Love Afar   
by Jeffrey Henry Curtis    
"Almost fourteen hundred miles,
Or seven-point-three million feet, ..."
Love Apart
When You're Away   
by Carla Marie Adair    
"Your words are like a whisper
that haunts me in the night; ..."
Love Apart
a day alone with thoughts of you   
by SpiraL    
It's always you I'm thinking about, ..."
Love Apart
Wishing on a Star   
by Gina Murray    
"I'm staring out my window
But I can't find 'the' star ..."
Love Apart
Summer is Gone   
by Trista M Lee    
"Gone are the lazy days of sun,
During which our love has begun. ..."
Love Apart
Sonnet #8   
by M. Douglas Hoss    
"I know why the sea returns to the bleached
white sand, why it rolls up and searches through ..."
Love Apart
Black Shoes   
by Sylvia Louise Blalock    
"The pillow on what was your side
lays there- accusing me. ..."
Love Apart
by Avery Robertson    
"I am in the middle of a mystical moment,
the kind that blows your head off and, ..."
Love Apart
Washing Away   
by Melissa G McFelia    
"Standing upon the shore as
waves crash upon endless miles of ..."
Love Apart
Into that silent night   
by Kristina Guy    
"Into that silent night
with a breath so strong ..."
Love Apart
Missing You   
by Donna Jacobs Derbes    
"Do I miss You?
I only hope you know ..."
Love Apart
A Message from Gwen   
by S. Hall Zilla    
"My love.....
I had a dream last night. ..."
Love Apart
by Margaret Marr    
"Alone underneath the midnight sky
I lift my face to the stars ..."
Love Apart
Without You   
by Radica Sooknarine    
"A winterís reprieve, a summerís hope
Co-mingling passions, watch them elope. ..."
Love Apart
I Want to Write a World For You   
by Michael Anthony Furtado    
"I want to write a world for you
A place where oceans endlessly roll to your feet ..."
Love Apart
I Wonder..   
by Carman Lyons    
" ... I wonder where you are
Lost inside with no where to go ..."
Love Apart
One Moment In Time   
by LeAnn Puglisi    
"This love is so strong and powerful
Making thought once rational- irrational; ..."
Love Apart
Without You   
by Sparkleworm    
"Life has no purpose,
Hearts fall apart. ..."
Love Apart
Come Tomorrow, Slow Then   
by John Joseph Thyne III    
"When time has passed, as time most surely will,
And today's seed towers among the trees, ..."
Love Apart
Must I Hate the Moon?   
by Pasquale    
"The moon appears first
as a mere sliver of brightness in a desolate sky, ..."
Love Apart
Stepping stones to you   
by Your sweets....    
"Driving tonight, what an awesome site.
Clouds of desire formed liked mountains tonight. ..."
Love Apart
by justin allen glandon    
"If you still love me
then why do you leave? ..."
Love Apart
by R. McIntyre    
"Warm summer night
Clouds together, snug and tight. ..."
Love Apart

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