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what im i doing wrong   
by P. Peanut Lucien    
"I been with you for 11 months now
and i'm afraid to tell u, "I Love You." Why? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Natalie Marie Onken    
"So many feelings in this heart of mine;
It's hard to keep my emotions in line. ..."
Love and Doubt
The Love He Never Knew   
by Jennie Ann Jennie Ann    
"Home from the mall,
Didn't have a ball. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Agata Satora    
"With each day that passes,
I seem to fall more in love with you. ..."
Love and Doubt
Let Us Be   
by Cody Garrett Preston    
"I sit in my room wondering if you'll call.
I watch T.V., not thinking at all. ..."
Love and Doubt
by jaice deoliveira pereira    
"Like an unstoppable waterfall
Thatís how you shower me... as your doll ..."
Love and Doubt
Truth or Betrayal   
by Brandee Virginia Flynn    
"Tell me you'll be waiting when the days go slowly by.
Tell me we're not going to give up. ..."
Love and Doubt
How Can This Be   
by Trinity Angel    
"I ask myself, "How can this be?
Why is it wrong for you to be with me?" ..."
Love and Doubt
I Love You For...   
by Sara Lynn Zuidema    
"There isn't much I can say,
and you know how I feel. ..."
Love and Doubt
Whatever and Because   
by Sherry Lynn Anderson    
"I question you only to expect the truth,
Yet everything that comes out of your mouth ..."
Love and Doubt
by Chantel Theresa Dixon    
"It hurts so bad
to have a love so sad. ..."
Love and Doubt
Doubts In A New Found Relationship   
by Crystalin Robbins    
"If I open up my soul to you,
Will you promise to be gentle and understanding? ..."
Love and Doubt
Do I really love him?   
by La Keisha Jacqueline Vines    
"The question here is, Do I really love him?
I ask myself that every day, but the real question is, ..."
Love and Doubt
Does She Really Love Me   
by Hector Ponce    
"How can this be happening.
She tells me she loves me, but ..."
Love and Doubt
dOnT sAy YoU lOvE mE   
by aShLeY rEnEe fLoReS    
"You say that you love me but at times
you seemed to never really care. ..."
Love and Doubt
I know   
by Caroline Victoria Haun    
"I know your life is busy.
I know your mind is confused. ..."
Love and Doubt
by charles johnson i_can_go_DEEP    
Love and Doubt
What's going on?   
by JMR Brown    
"What's going on,
why are you changing your ways? ..."
Love and Doubt
The way I feel (scared)   
by Miss Phoebe    
"I'm so scared
afraid ..."
Love and Doubt
She wants it so   
by Michelle Juliet Valdes    
"Many nights numbered her heart
The first to capture her eyes ..."
Love and Doubt
Tell me   
by Cali Lou Wade    
"I'm so scared,
I don't know what to do. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Ben Austin    
"Funny it seems,
How we all go day to day. ..."
Love and Doubt
Is there a way?   
by Demetrius Rashad Glover    
"Is there a way to mend what's been broken?
Is there a way to rekindle the flame that is slowly extinguishing? ..."
Love and Doubt
Will I Ever Fully Satisfy   
by Natalie Susan Smith    
"Could I dehydrate from
All these tears I cry? ..."
Love and Doubt

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