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Why Am I So Blue?   
by Erica M    
"Why am I so blue?
Is it because my love for you is no longer true? ..."
Love and Doubt
Give Me An Answer   
by Heather Hope Comer    
"Please give me an answer, something that's true.
Do you know what love is? ..."
Love and Doubt
Just Another Poem That No One'll Read   
by Jessica R. LaFrank    
"If I were to give you
A key to my lone heart ..."
Love and Doubt
by paul s    
"I don't know how to feel or what to do
About the possibility of losing you ..."
Love and Doubt
You Complete Me   
by Jerik A Middleton    
"I know we havenít seen each other much,
And I hope to remedy that as soon as possible. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Dana Sterpe    
"I've cried my tears,
you've had your way. ..."
Love and Doubt
Yours truly   
by Cali Lou Wade    
"Just to see you makes me smile,
it makes my whole day seem worthwhile. ..."
Love and Doubt
Love Me   
by Maria S Canella    
"So strong is my love for u that
i'm scared it might not be true... ..."
Love and Doubt
To Prove My Love   
by Levy Alexander Payne    
"I know you have doubts and don't trust me sometimes
I want to prove my love is true and one of a kind ..."
Love and Doubt
Love and Doubt
How I Feel   
by Frank Williams    
"I want to tell you how I feel
but I donít know what to say ..."
Love and Doubt
I don't understand   
by Jerricka Danielle Hall    
"The love that we once shared, when once I thought you cared,
But it seems that times are different, that right now you don't care. ..."
Love and Doubt
by cristeena cristeena garcia    
"~I'm not afraid to love you,
please don't misunderstand, ..."
Love and Doubt
Twisted Reality   
by Kacie Michelle Lawson    
"Don't know where you are,
and, of course, you haven't called. ..."
Love and Doubt
Oh How I   
by Tara Marie Gillum    
"Oh, how I miss
the way you used to ..."
Love and Doubt
Even If I Tried   
by Amanda Lee Wint    
"Confusing as it seems
(for I am blameworthy of it all) ..."
Love and Doubt
Ture love or true pain   
by Regina Gloria Ruiz    
" My dreams are influenced by your so called love.
It touches my hand and pulls on my thumb. ..."
Love and Doubt
Til That Day   
by Megan Ann Robe    
"You may not see it
Or even realize it, ..."
Love and Doubt
You & Me   
by Nikki Norman    
"Why do you treat me the way you do
And still you know I'm here for you? ..."
Love and Doubt
I'm Sorry   
by Kat Mcquaid    
"I didn't mean to push
I didn't mean to pry ..."
Love and Doubt
by Kathy    
"you are so quiet
did I do something wrong? ..."
Love and Doubt
When I Fall   
by ashley clements    
"Every day I wake,
I wonder what it will take ..."
Love and Doubt
Internal Conflict   
by Maverick    
""You shouldn't be doing this."
-But it is already done. ..."
Love and Doubt
Can I?   
by Genesis Natalie Navarrete    
"Can I?
Can I trust you? ..."
Love and Doubt

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