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Not for me   
by Kyle Gamble    
"Running open
Through the door. ..."
Love and Doubt
You Are the One   
by Kate Reneigh Woodruff    
"You say it's me
That creates a problem ..."
Love and Doubt
His Arms   
by Malinda    
"Like in a summer sunrise, I feel the warmth
His arms around me, I can't pull away ..."
Love and Doubt
The Forgotton Feeling.   
by Robert Andrew Wall    
"Two hearts meet and yearn for love;
Only one reciprocates, the other never does; ..."
Love and Doubt
Living... for what?   
by Julie Ann Kahn    
"What's the point of living?
I could never quite understand, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Chelsea Marie Monastere    
"Trust is the most important
In a relationship. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Ashley Renee Davis    
"When you tell me you love me
Is it all just a lie? ..."
Love and Doubt
You don't love me!   
by Cassie Jean Downs    
"You don't love me,
you say you do. ..."
Love and Doubt
Don't Love Me   
by A. Kelly    
"Don't hold me if you're just going to let me fall.
Don't kiss me if I mean nothing to you at all. ..."
Love and Doubt
by minerva    
"If you said you loved me,
Would it be a lie? ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You?   
by T M A    
"Do you still have feelings just as strong as mine,
Or did your feelings change at the drop of a dime? ..."
Love and Doubt
by Ericha Dawn K    
"I feel like I can tell you anything,
I hope you feel that way too. ..."
Love and Doubt
My Love   
by Brittni Colony    
"He is far more beautiful than anyone I will know.
His eyes, so brown... ..."
Love and Doubt
Wrong Time   
by Inez A.    
"I've dreamed of holding you since the day I met you,
I've been in the clouds since our first kiss, ..."
Love and Doubt
by Bryce Linthul    
"You came into my life
And handed me your soul. ..."
Love and Doubt
Will You Stop Me?   
by A. Kelly    
"You say that you care about me, and about the things that I do.
But, how can I be certain that what you proclaim is even true? ..."
Love and Doubt
Playing Games   
by Jennifer M Flores    
"I still have something,
But God I don't know what it is. ..."
Love and Doubt
You'll need a jacket   
by Epic    
"Iím hoping this is a phase,
Deeply moving sentiment aside, Iím lonely. ..."
Love and Doubt
my love   
by Mehran Nejati    
"Deep in the heart of the night
in this desert ..."
Love and Doubt
by Kitty **    
"I seem to be struggling, from emotios within
I have no desire to love my best friend. ..."
Love and Doubt
You're Just Too Good To Be True   
by Aisha R Zakaria    
"Your love is just too good to be true.
I have my heart set on you. ..."
Love and Doubt
Tell Me   
by Dee Dee Jackson    
"You have to know that I still love you,
Though you disappear for weeks at a time. ..."
Love and Doubt
by trish trish    
"These feeling for you
Iím not even kidding ..."
Love and Doubt
Would I? Could I?   
by Kelly Marie Baughan    
"I've keep thinking about what would have been
if you had never let me in. ..."
Love and Doubt

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