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How I feel!   
by Kristal Davis    
"Was I used?
Or, do you just have me confused? ..."
Love and Doubt
Why Do We Fall in Love?   
by Jared Oeltjen    
"Why Do We Fall in Love?
Love and doubt
What Have I Done?   
by Missy Ann Bunch    
"I try to talk to you, but you push away,
The distance between us grows greater every day. ..."
Love and Doubt
by Andrea Nicole Goodwin    
"Two so loving.
Two that care. ..."
Love and Doubt
That Night   
by hermy the great    
"you tell me you want me
but I just don't know ..."
Love and Doubt
Does he really love me?   
by Helena Mary Elizabeth Reynolds    
"Does he really love me?
Or am I just for show? ..."
Love and Doubt
Do You Care?   
by Erin L. Murphy    
"When you are with me,
are you really there? ..."
Love and Doubt
Is It True   
by Shawn Ong    
"Walking beside you
I have this special feeling ..."
Love and Doubt
Young Love   
by Collette Marie Dobeck    
"I am young,
but I am in love. ..."
Love and Doubt
Heart In A Bottle   
by Michael Anthony Porter    
Do you know how hard it is? ..."
Love and Doubt
My Heart Won't Let Go   
by MiSs PoLyNiSiaN    
"I had feelings for you,
and still do. ..."
Love and Doubt
Why did he have to leave?   
by Cassandra Renee    
" Why did he have to leave?
I didn't want him to go, ..."
Love and Doubt
What I Feel   
by Fatima F Tekko    
"Every relationship is put to the test
Even the ones that are the best ..."
Love and Doubt
My Heart   
by AznPrncess    
"I see how you look at me
Your eyes make my heart ache ..."
Love and Doubt
I Wonder   
by V A C    
"I Wonder sometimes if leaving you was right...
You made me feel sad, ..."
Love and Doubt
Feelings Unsure   
by ASH ASH ASH    
Love and Doubt
by Michelle Christian Parola    
"I would have never guessed you had feelings for me
anyway but as a friend. ..."
Love and Doubt
Too Much Time Apart   
by Big Nasty    
"Keli Rhenea Burris, what can I say?
To make you sure I feel the same way ..."
Love and Doubt
by George Zakhary    
"Why talk? When all it takes is a look to know how I feel.
Why ask? When you know my love is more than real. ..."
Love and Doubt
IS It Love   
by Mercedes Torres    
"Is it Love I feel
Or just a feeling of comfort? ..."
Love and Doubt
I Can't Understand Why?   
by Lauren Ashley Gaytos    
"I'm always so nice,
and always so sweet, ..."
Love and Doubt
I don't know what to do   
by Maria Angela Magsalin    
"Thinking about you everyday
Trying to figure out what to say ..."
Love and Doubt
by Britney Baby    
"If I gave myself to you
right now, right here, ..."
Love and Doubt
by MJA    
"Feeling you near me
I feel nothing...but bliss ..."
Love and Doubt

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