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by Cinthya Rodriguez    
Love and Forgiveness
Why Does It Have To Be This Way?   
by MiSs PoLyNiSiaN    
"I've done such a terrible thing...
I've lied to you ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Carrie-Dawn Valeen La'rose    
" You were once mine
and you were oh so fine ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Looking Back   
by Joy Lim    
"Looking Back
to the good old days ..."
Love and Forgiveness
All I can think about is you   
by Jamie Lynn Hale    
"As I sit here at work I think about all the years we shared
I know that nothing and nobody will ever compare ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Wouldn't Complain   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"It was love that brought us together
But it was lust that tore us apart ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Sarah Ren'ee Tibbs    
"All I want to say is sorry
For all that I have done. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
One way to make u cry   
by Jaquelyn Denay Holland    
"I did it for the 1st time and the last,
I cried and i messed up. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Do.   
by Deandra (Justus)    
"I love your jealousy for me
but it's really all in vain ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Possession Of A Love   
by Jennifer Gómez    
"If you could lock me away in a precious little safe and keep me there,
you probably would and that would make you happy. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by babyboo    
"I made a promise to you and swore to keep it forever,
but I found myself breaking it when we weren't together. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Would You Wait For Me   
by Ken M Ackerman    
"Everything I look at,
Everything I see ..."
Love and Forgiveness
How much she means to me   
by Scott Duong    
"If only you could see the part of me I hid away
The part of me I tried to say ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Eternal Love   
by Marissa Ellen Laipsker    
"I would give anything
If I ever had to leave your side ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Sarah Ann Struszczyk    
"If you and I were meant to be
Love will lead the way... ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I hope..   
by Terell Bruland    
"I hope I see you when the day is through.
I hope you will still be mine ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Miss and Wish   
by Tiffany Shelia Laffy Taffy    
"I miss your own lil' touch
And I miss you so very much ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Avery Robertson    
"You worshipped me.
I longed for a single touch. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry   
by Thomas Pierre Lemont    
"I'm sorry if I've offended you
for that's not what I wished to do, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Asylum Confessions   
by Miranda A Stroud    
"I’m here to tell you
That we’re okay now. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
A phrase which can forgive everything -- "It's me"   
by Terry Choi    
RR......I......N.....G... ..."
Love and Forgiveness
It Was Fate   
by Rafael C Ramirez    
"Please Forgive Me For The Things I’ve Said
Everything Bothered Me And Got Inside My Head ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Fresita    
"This pain is getting bigger,
I'm going to pull this trigger, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Forever love   
by nichole renee maxwell    
"I know I said I'm sorry,
but it just doesn't seem enough. ..."
Love and Forgiveness

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